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The 20th of March was the real Moment of Truth, when Bioware has blessed us with Mass Effect 3 release! I bet my salary there’s no person among the gamers who hasn’t heard of this game, and everyone has already started playing it. Also, I’m sure many of you have started it for the second or even third time. We are playing it every time we have few minutes free, enjoying its gameplay, not to mention the storyline (don’t spoil […]... Read More
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The music industry is a huge business to be involved with or be a part of, from selling compositions and jingles right through to composing and recording songs.Music and creative work together hand in hand and neither one should be deprived of each other. In this article,We have collected different  Creative Music Web Design Inspiration to give you great and  interesting concept. Enjoy…! Event & Music Website Universal Music Group Hotbitz Last FM – Myspace / Fusion Wild Mix’s Website […]... Read More