20 Minimal Web Designs For Your Inspiration

Minimal web designs is more and more used all over the web. Why? Because sending a message sometimes does not need fancy packaging but instead a direct message to mind. Nowadays is pretty hard to do simple things rather then complicated stuff. Maybe because we receive easily huge amount of information and share the same a lot of facts.

A key to success may be a simple idea sent to the user that wants to focus on a certain thing than browsing for hours in search of the right information.

In this post we’ll provide some inspiration for you own work by showcasing 20 beautiful, minimal web designs.

10 Years in Type

DB Works

Digital Art Inspiration Series #08

Urbane Armor

Thuy Truc


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Gene Lu

Irving & Co

Alexander Munk

Imaginary Digital Art Inspiration

Nemeth Interactive

Awesome Fontstacks


Inspiring Collection Of Iphone App Interface Designs

Method And Craft


Freunde Von Freunden

Igor Zagnienski




The Touch Agency