About Downgraf

About Us

Downgraf is an design and art inspiration resource with design shop that have every design within reach. It is devoted to bring the best content together from blogs and resources. It delivers useful and state-of-the-art information to designers, web designers and developers.

Downgraf was started in 18th February 2011. Riz, the Founder of the site made this for inspirational purpose. As, he’s a web designer, so he built Downgraf to share the designing stuff of other designers for inspiration.

Maan is also working with him. He’s his younger brother and a WordPress developer. Both are doing their best to bring out what they really want to.

Downgraf Stand for:

Downgraf in which “Down” hail from Download and “Graf” derived from Graphic. Actually, website was meant to made for providing free PSD to designers. Then Riz though not to be at one zone only, rather he should have covered both the designing and developing area. So, Downgraf then formed into designing and developing stuff.

Website’s new Logo is made by Riz who created it using Negative Space by combining D and G.


  1. We’ve been used to gather and make a collection but now Gallery will be shown that will contain the Individual designing stuff.
  2. We’ve made a “Shop” where designing related stuff can be purchased from Amazon.

Kindly do let us know that how we work by posting comment. Your precious comments will be appreciated. For more detail please contact us.


Downgraf Advertisement as well. There are many huge companies who have been advertising such as Webydo, Wix, Deposit Photos, 123rf, Inkydeals, Envato including some small companies too.

If you want to us to do advertisement, contact at above mentioned E-mails.

Downgraf does not hold copyright on any aggregated materials, and all content remains copyright the original owners.