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Downgraf is the ultimate design and art inspiration resource for creative professionals. We are devoted to bringing the best content together from blogs and resources all over the internet, delivering useful and state-of-the-art information to designers, web designers, and developers.

At Downgraf, our main focus is providing logo design information resources, WordPress themes collection, color tools, internet-related articles, how-tos, and online tools to make your online activities easier. We also offer custom design services to help you create the perfect logo, website, or any other design need.

Downgraf was started by Riz, a web designer, back on 18th February 2011. Riz had the vision to create an inspirational resource for designers, to share the amazing work of other designers, and to provide helpful design resources. He was joined by his younger brother Maan, a WordPress developer, who is now an integral part of the team. Together, they are working hard to make Downgraf the ultimate design and art inspiration resource.

At Downgraf, our mission is to bring the best content from the internet and provide it in an easy-to-access format for creative professionals. We are constantly updating our content to ensure that we are delivering the latest and greatest in design and art inspiration. So don’t forget to check in every once in a while to get the latest design inspiration and resources.

Downgraf is the ultimate design and art inspiration resource, with every design within reach. We are devoted to providing the best content and resources to make your online activities easier. Check-in today and find the perfect design inspiration for your next project. Thank you for visiting us!

Downgraf Stand for:

Welcome to Downgraf, the perfect spot for designers and developers!

Downgraf is a combination of the words ‘down’ and ‘graf’, derived from ‘download’ and ‘graphic’ respectively. The website was started with the main goal of providing free PSD files to designers and quickly grew to become the go-to spot for both designing and developing needs.

The website’s new logo was created by Riz, who used Negative Space to combine the letters D and G. The Negative Space technique is a great way to create a logo that is both eye-catching and memorable.

At Downgraf, you can find a wide variety of resources for designers and developers alike. Our experienced team of professionals put together the best content for both disciplines, so that you can quickly find the information that you need.

We also offer a selection of free PSD files, so that you can get started on your project right away. We strive to provide you with the best quality, original content that is easy to use and customize.

On top of providing essential resources for designers and developers, we also have an active forum where you can discuss the latest topics and trends in the industry. Our knowledgeable and friendly members are always ready to help you out with your project.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, Downgraf has what you need to get your project up and running. At Downgraf, we strive to help bring your ideas to life. So come join us and get started on your projects today!


At Downgraf, we make it easy to explore different logo design collections and learn about the latest WordPress themes. Plus, our color tools let you create color variations with their codes.

1. Logo Design Collections

Downgraf has a wide array of logo design collections you can browse through. We have hundreds of logos from different companies that are constantly being updated. Plus, you can filter the logos by type and get a better view of the specific designs you’re looking for.

2. WordPress Themes

Downgraf also has a great selection of WordPress themes for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist or a more complex design, you’re sure to find a theme that fits your style. Plus, our themes are regularly updated with new features and improvements, so you’ll always have the latest version.

3. Color Tools

Downgraf also has a set of powerful color tools that let you create color variations with their codes. You can easily create custom color schemes and view the results in real-time. Plus, you can use color tools to quickly create color palettes for your designs.

4. Internet Tools

Downgraf also provides a number of different internet tools that are useful for a variety of tasks. These tools include web development tools, SEO tools, and analytics tools. We are constantly adding more tools, so you can be sure to find the tools you need for your projects.

5. Shop for Resumes and Lightroom Presets

Finally, Downgraf also has a shop for Resumes and Lightroom Presets. You can find a wide range of different resume designs to choose from, as well as Lightroom, presets for editing your photos. Plus, all of our products are regularly updated so you can be sure you’re getting the latest version.

At Downgraf, we strive to provide designers with the latest design tools and resources. From logo design collections to WordPress themes, to color tools, to internet tools, and to our shop for Resumes and Lightroom Presets, we’ve got you covered. So why wait? Check out Downgraf today and start creating the best designs you can. For more detail please contact us.


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