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About Us

Downgraf is a design inspiration blog that was founded by Riz and Maan on Feb 18, 2011. They created this platform to inspire and educate people about design, showcasing innovative designs and their passion for creativity.

As a design inspiration blog, Downgraf covers a wide range of topics related to technology, information, how-to guides, and social articles. Whether you’re seeking insights into the latest tech trends or looking for guidance on various subjects, Downgraf has got you covered.

Downgraf offers a plethora of creative content to stimulate your artistic senses. With a wide range of articles on various topics, Downgraf caters to the interests of designers and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re seeking tech updates, informative pieces, helpful tutorials, or social commentary, this platform has got you covered.

At Downgraf, you’ll find an extensive collection of articles encompassing diverse subjects. From in-depth discussions about the latest technological advancements to step-by-step guides on various topics, this blog covers every possible aspect thoroughly. The information keeps readers updated on design and technology.

AI Tools Submission

Recently introduced one unique feature of Downgraf is its commitment to supporting the AI community. In an effort to promote innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, Downgraf now allows users to submit their AI tools directly on the website. Great chance for AI enthusiasts and developers to present their software and get recognition in the community.

  • Submission of Websites WordPress Themes and Plugins

But that’s not all! In addition to AI tools, Downgraf also welcomes submissions of other digital products. Submit your WordPress website or software to Downgraf to reach more people and showcase your impressive themes or plugins.

  • Articles on Downgraf

If you want to read interesting articles about colors or other design-related topics, check out the many engaging articles on Downgraf. Delve into these insightful posts and discover new perspectives that will broaden your horizons as a designer.

The content available on Downgraf is diverse and caters to various interests within the design realm. The platform has many posts that offer insights and inspiration on topics such as color usage in design and different aspects of the creative process.

Our Mission

Downgraf remains committed to fostering creativity and serving as a leading hub for designers across the globe. As a result, it continues to be an essential resource for design enthusiasts in search of inspiration and expertise.

Check out our website for exciting design-related content to inspire and enhance your knowledge.

Overall, since its inception in 2011, Downgraf has established itself as a reliable source of design inspiration and informative content. Downgraf is a popular website for designers worldwide. They feature new AI tools and give creators the chance to share their work.

Don’t miss out on the chance to submit your AI tools or showcase your websites and plugins – join the dynamic community at Downgraf today!

Downgraf Stand for:

Downgraf is a combination of the words ‘down’ and ‘graf’, derived from ‘download’ and ‘graphic’ respectively. The website offers free PSD files for designers and has expanded to become a popular resource for design and development needs.

Downgraf Footer Logo

Downgraf Logo

Riz designed the fresh Downgraf logo, cleverly merging the letters D and G using Negative Space. By using the Negative Space technique, you can design a logo that not only captures attention but also stays in people’s minds.

Partnership with Downgraf

Envato, Webydo, Wix, Deposit Photos, 123rf, Inkydeals, and other small businesses have formed partnerships with Downgraf in the past. The partnerships have worked well and some are ongoing. Additionally, more businesses are reaching out to explore potential partnerships with Downgraf.

Downgraf welcomes the opportunity to establish new alliances and expand its network of partners. The company believes in fostering mutually beneficial relationships that can drive growth and innovation within the industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Downgraf. Contact us to explore partnership opportunities.

Downgraf values collaboration and understands the importance of working together to achieve common goals. By joining forces with other businesses in the industry, Downgraf aims to provide enhanced services and offerings to its customers. Through these partnerships, they strive to create a dynamic ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders involved.

For any inquiries regarding potential partnerships or further information about Downgraf’s offerings, please reach out to us. We look forward to exploring exciting possibilities together!


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