Top 10 Free Html5 and CSS3 Templates for Instant Download

Today, with mobiles and responsive designs being the top concerns for most businesses, web designers inevitably have to acquire a good grasp of HTML and CSS. With user experience being the core of business success and videos the ideal solution to meet it, the best ever tools chosen by designers is HTML5 and CSS3.  Without compelling knowledge on these tools it becomes difficult to create stylish and trendy websites to customers or businesses worldwide. With said that, I wish to place in front of you some top-notch cost-free HTML5 and CSS3 templates to download for your professional and personal means.

Find below the list of popular templates and download one or more of your choice.

1. Left

Looking for a stylish and trendy template for blogs and portfolios to impress visitors and clients? Then “Left” with its 6+ page layout is the best choice for you. It is packed with some incredible features which can help you amaze visitors cutting through your site with absolute ease.



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2. Gourmet

If a finding out a perfect HTML5 template for your restaurant site is your agenda, then downloading and deploying Gourmet template is the best option. It’s an amazing template with some sensible options to display delicious dishes in the enticing manner in front of a huge volume of audiences.



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3. SmartStart

If you’re an online entrepreneur planning to set up an eye-catching and alluring business portfolio, then SmartStart template is the best fit to your needs. Powered with responsive design, this template can double your web traffic by turning the attention of mobile-savvy customers as well.



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4. WebLab

Planning to floor down your visitors with some amazing graphics and typography, you don’t have to worry a lot as WebLab template with HTML5 and CSS3 powered coding can help you accomplish it with ease. With this template the overall look and feel of your website will turn outstanding and will entice any user cutting through your site.



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5. Super Skeleton

Targeting iPhone-friendly customers for improving your online business, then you have an excellent way to achieve this. Yes, with Super Skeleton responsive template it becomes extremely easy to create a responsive website which best fits almost any iPhone screens effortlessly.

Super Skeleton


6. Coffeecols

This responsively designed template is the best choice for setting up all kinds of Coffee shop websites online. The unique style and equal boxes on the home page have the ability to take and talk to your customers soothingly. Of course, this template is powered with rounded corners and attractive content boxes.



7. Responsive Paradise Hotel:

If you’re planning to set up an online restaurant portal with some amazing display of your delicacies, then you can never take your eyes of Responsive Paradise Hotel template. As the name suggests this template is exclusively designed for creating online restaurants, spas, and hotels with mobile responsiveness.

Responsive Paradise Hotel


8. Flex App:

If you’re into mobility business online and your motto is to promote your mobile app via the same channel, then Flex App is the best option to go for. This amazing template with fully responsive design can produce delightful appearances to viewers using different types of devices.

Flex App.jpg


9. Zen

What if you’re not into business and looking for a template that could satisfy your personal blog specifications, then Zen is the perfect choice. It is available in different versions for WordPress as well. With this template it becomes easy to construct a powerful WP blog with alluring customer attention.



10. Human

If you’re looking for a template that can help you set up a company, personal or agency based websites for better customer conversions, then Human is the great option. It is such a simple and fresh template with some rock-solid features having the ability to captivate the attention of any website.



All the HTML5 and CSS3 based templates listed above are completely cost-free, and you can download them for your business or personal purpose in no time!!

I hope you enjoyed the list of templates provided here, and I’ll like to hear from you which template inspired you the most and why via comments!! 


Editor noteContributor Melvin Rajiv is a business fanatic extremely passionate about blogging. He loves social media and marketing. He recommends setting up daily deal website business companies offering Contus Groupon Clone for better customer conversions.