What to Watch Out For In WordPress 4.0?

wordpress 4.0

The time that we’ve been waiting for the release of WordPress 4.0 version is about to end. Soon the version will be made available for use. Every person has a different take on the release, while some consider it the new 4.0 version to bring forth some great features, on the other hand, a few others argue that the new version will be a disappointment and won’t bring any ground breaking features.

Language Selection During WordPress Install

The major problem with the older WordPress versions was the difficulty we have to face while using a language other than English, which needed installing a localized version or uploading the language translation files manually. But you can now take a sigh of relief as WordPress 4.0 will let you select the language from the very beginning during the WordPress installation. The best part is that you won’t have to download separate files during your WP install.

Language Selection During WordPress Install

In order to change your website language you will have to visit to Options>>General page.

Media Library Has Received a Major Overhaul

The biggest improvement has been made to the Media Library that now features a grid-view by default. So, unlike the older WordPress versions with a hard-to-browse list of media attachments, you will be able to view all the attachments in a slicker grid view. With WordPress 4.0 version, you will be able to select multiple images by clicking on the upper right hand hand corner of the attachments as shown in the image below:

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Media Library Has Received a Major Overhaul

Plugin Installs Have Got a Facelift

In order to provide users with a better visual experience of plugins, the “Add New Plugin” page has been given a facelift. Now it the Plugin install a screen layout has been changed to grid view. And thus, when searching for a plugin you can view everything right from the plugin ratings, to the number of times it has been downloaded and so more. This will certainly help reduce your time in scrutinizing which plugin will best fit for your website.

Plugin Installs Have Got a Facelift

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Improvements in The Editor (Visual and Text)

With WP 4.0 version, adding content to the posts has become faster and easier than ever before. I hope you’ll agree with me on the point that pasting text directly from the Word document without formatting and posting it to the WordPress posts has been a headache. But that won’t be a problem anymore with the new 4.0 version.

What’s more?

The visual editor didn’t seem to be visual enough in the older WordPress versions, as checking whether the videos and other elements have been embedded properly seemed a daunting prospect. That’s because, you have to hit the preview button and then move across the new tab. But thanks to the changes made to the visual editor, you’ll be able to see the previews for the videos URLs and audio in real time. What Else? The Edit page/post menu bar will remain intact even when the screen is scrolling, and hence, the editor (visual and text) will expand along as the screen.

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Enhancements in the Widget UI

With WordPress 4.0 widgets will be put under a separate panel in WordPress theme customizer screen. Widgets have been one of the most useful elements for webmasters for the WordPress website. Generally, having over four to five widgets make things become jam-packed. But with the new WP 4.0 version widgets will be embedded into the customization screen’s sub-panel.

So, Let’s Wrap Up!

When WordPress 3.0 version was released a lot of new and exciting features were introduced. And now after a long gap of four years, the WP 4.0 version is all geared up for the release. Every person have different thoughts about the new WordPress 4.0 version. A lot of people don’t think that the new release will introduce ground breaking features like its previous WP 3.0 version. Even I agree with that, however we can’t also ignore the fact that rather than adding a number of features, the WordPress development team is working pretty hard to provide a better user experience which is overwhelming.

Moreover, the features you’ll get to experience with the new WP 4.0 version release as discussed above, no doubt will help make your work a bit better. And it depends upon you how you’ll be making use of the new features in your day-to-day operations.

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