Make Neat Websites in 2019 with one of these Top-of-the-Line WordPress Themes

The appearance of the business website you have in mind is naturally important to you. Same goes for your potential customers as well. It needs to feature well-organized top-quality content that will attract and engage visitors. It should also bring in repeat and referred customers.

A premium theme and a quality CMS that will give you the site management support. These are the two critical items you need to address. Currently, the best and most popular CMS platform is WordPress. It’s extremely well organized, reliable, and a genuine time saver.

With respect to WordPress themes, there’s no shortage of good ones. But you might as well settle for nothing less than the best.

We’ve put together a selection of the best 15 WordPress themes on the market. Users and reviewers alike consider them to be the best on the market going into 2019.

No matter your needs, you should find a solution here; starting with:

  1. Be Theme

If you’re often in the position of having to keep a diverse clientele happy, it only makes sense to invest in a high-quality multipurpose WordPress theme. If you’re a newbie, a multipurpose theme will also be a good choice as it’s likely to have every feature you’re going to need irrespective of the type of website you plan to build.

Few WordPress themes in today’s market can match Be Theme’s features, performance, and support. BeTheme’s 40 powerful core features, highlighted by a library of 400+ pre-built websites have you covered no matter what type of website you’re building or who you’re building it for.

Be Theme’s pre-built websites are professionally designed and crafted, they are 100% responsive, and they are customizable. They cover more than 30 different business sectors, niches, and website types; and each can be installed with a single click.

No coding is ever necessary to create a website with Be Theme. The Muffin Builder, Admin Panel, Shortcode Generator, Be’s new Header Builder, and a host of design options, shortcodes, and special effects see to that.

  1. Jupiter X

If you’d like to start the year with a website-building tool that’s fast, lightweight, and super-friendly, you might give Jupiter X careful consideration. When this WordPress theme is your website-builder of choice, you can literally design down to the tiniest detail, page by page, and content element by content element – an example of extreme flexibility.

Jupiter X gives you a powerful visual editor to work with along with WordPress Customizer technology and the popular Elementor page builder. Combined, they give you total and seamless control over your in-page element design and over your website as a whole.

You can create headers and footers from scratch and tweak and customize WooCommerce design features that were once considered untouchable – and the same for blog pages and posts.

Doing things differently doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, but in this case Jupiter X’s approach to web design can do just that.

  1. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode’s solution to creating pixel-perfect websites was to design a pixel-perfect theme. It required painstaking attention to detail from its authors to do so, as well as providing features that would not only assist web designers get projects up and running but serve as sources of inspiration as well.

The result of their efforts was a WordPress theme with a wealth of website-creating features that includes more than 30 customizable design concepts. These concepts make Uncode an ideal choice for web designers, creative agencies, and marketers.

With Uncode at your fingertips, transforming your ideas and visions into concrete visual statements becomes an easy task; especially since no coding is necessary.

Since this WordPress theme’s website-building features are too numerous to comment on here, we suggest you visit the site and browse the showcase of user-created websites to see what Uncode can do for you.

Spoiler: You’ll be impressed and inspired.

  1. Avada

Avada’s powerful tools and multiple design options that allow users to create virtually any type of website is one reason why this WordPress theme has been a #1 best seller for the past 5 years.

Avada’s users particularly like the professionally designed, fully-responsive, and customizable demos. No coding is required, and you can expect to receive outstanding support.

  1. The Gem

Here’s a web designer’s delight you might not want to let pass by. TheGem’s trend-setting design concepts coupled with the most comprehensive set of website-building tools you’ll find anywhere has made it one of the top WordPress themes on the market today.

TheGem’s features include the popular Visual Composer page builder, a valuable set of plugins, and a ready-to-go online fashion store.

  1. Houzez – Highly Customizable Real Estate WordPress Theme

If you or a client is in the real estate business, it would only make sense to invest in a specialty theme that has all the features you need to produce a website that can easily be structured to fit your business model.

Houzez’ many features include customizable listings, advanced search capabilities, a property management system, and gateways to online payment systems.

  1. Podcast Master

Podcast Master provides everything needed to host your podcast on your website or from a remote hosting platform and grow your audience in the process.

You’ll have more than 200 customizing options to work with and Podcast Master is 100% responsive, requires no coding, and is compatible with the major hosting   platforms.

  1. Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme

While Grenada is especially designed for use by designers, artists, photographers, and all other creative types, anyone can use it to achieve the outstanding effects it’s capable of producing.

This theme’s highlights include creative portfolio sliders (e.g., full screen fading slider and split horizontal slider) and its super-fast Ajax page load and page transition features. Grenada is also fully responsive and Gutenberg compatible.

  1. Enfold

Enfold is fast, efficient, and designed to be used by all skill levels. You can start with one of its customizable demos, or if you prefer you can create a layout from scratch. Thanks to the drag and drop layout builder, building a website page is fast, easy, and a no-brainer.

Enfold offers a ton of design options and interactive elements to work with including slideshows, sliders, galleries, and much more.

  1. Cesis | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Cesis features an impressive selection of smart-looking demos, easy to work with template, header, and footer builders and frontend editing. These and Cesis’ other features can be applied to create a limitless number of different web designs.

There are more of this theme’s popular pre-made demos to come, plus Cesis is fast, SEO ready, and you can expect to receive awesome support.

  1. Neve

Creating cool, well-designed sites and building them quickly is no longer a challenge with Neve. This fast, lightweight WordPress theme follows an efficient minimalist approach to get things done.

Neve is AMP ready and its code is search engine optimized. Fully compatible with the new WordPress block editor, and your favorite page-builder.

  1. Pofo

A high-quality, impeccably-designed online portfolio is not only an important feature for a business to have, it can be critical to that business’s success. Creating and displaying an outstanding portfolio is what Pofo does best.

Pofo’s features include 200+ demos and home pages, a whole host of design elements, and a valuable selection of plugins.

  1. ForumPress

ForumPress is a specialty theme that offers features you’ll have difficulty finding elsewhere. Few WordPress themes provide the features needed to create a user forum, which is what ForumPress is designed to do.

Powered by the bbPress plugin, ForumPress enables you to set up a forum in seconds, after which you can customize it to fit your brand and the needs of your site’s user community. ForumPress also features a fast and efficient user search capability.

  1. Leadinjection – Landing Page Theme

This specialty theme is a great choice if you find yourself constantly having to edit or add landing pages to existing websites. Doing so can be a chore and can often require a developer’s assistance.

Leadinjection makes creating and attaching landing pages and lead capture forms a quick and easy task. This WordPress theme is easy to install and is WordPress multisite compatible.

  1. Schema

If effective search engine compatibility design practice remains somewhat of a mystery, it may be time to let a theme like Schema do the heavy lifting for you. This extremely useful WordPress theme guides search engines through your site one content element at a time, check page load times, and check for code quality and Google algorithm friendliness.

This is a nice product to have to increase traffic to your site and improve SEO rankings.


Consider any of these premier multipurpose themes. Any of those listed here should serve your 2019 website design needs.

You might be looking for a specialty theme for your next project. It could a forum building or landing page insertion you’ve been unable to find elsewhere. Either way, you could find the solution to your problems right here.

Any selection you make from this list is guaranteed to be a good one.

Happy Shopping!