Top 20 WordPress Plugins for Web Designers

Top 20 WordPress Plugins for Web Designers

As a web designer if you want to make sure that your site does not lack compatibility and can offer you everything, then one of the first things you have to do, assuming you are using WordPress is to add as many useful plugins as possible. You might ask why to use WordPress? Pretty simple! The platform is really blooming and simple at the same time – it will offer the great user interface along with functionality to design in a better way with less effort invested in whole creativity process.

Previously we have been talking about WP plugins for back up, premium gallery plugins & blog spam protect plugins but today we are going to share 12 of the best WP plugins for designers you can try to facilitate your work. Let’s have a look!

Facebook Connect

Probably you enjoy using Facebook a lot and you want to have good integration with your blog by using facebook apps. If yes, then Facebook Connect is definitely the type of plugin your site is in need of. It will allow the users to log into the site via their Facebook accounts, which will allow them to invite friends or promote some of your latest posts.


This tool will help you insert videos, images, maps and any other interesting things into your posts. What you need to do is to enter a keyword and choose the images you are looking for from Flickr, or if you want to embed video – from Youtube and any other relevant source of website that stores the content you need.

WP Greet Box

This plugin will help you increase the readership of your blog thanks to the tailored welcome message you can design. Every new user can be invited to subscribe to your page or your RSS feed, or if you have social network profiles – just invite them to follow you on Twitter. This plugin has been used by some of the biggest web magazines, so you can be sure it is really good and will generate even more traffic to your blog!

Ultimate Google Analytic

There is hardly a person who hasn’t heard of Google Analytic. Thanks to this great plugin you will be able to keep tabs on how many users have been visiting your site; you will gain thorough information about their point of visit, location, date and any other things like this. Plus you can track all of your outgoing links and see where they are pointing. This is actually really useful, especially if you are hosting adverts. In this way you can use Google analytic to track social media activity & traffic both more effectively.

Global Translator

If you want your site to be multilingual, then it is better to have this plugin installed. It will instantly translate your blog into 41 different languages including some of the most popular such as German, Chinese, Japanese, Maltese, Spanish, Italian, etc.


This is a social media platform. It has been built on top of the WP system and it will let you to register, add friends, chat with other people or simply create different groups of interests. There is also a way to host a forum and let people discuss hot topics.

The social platform can be extended which is really great news, especially if you have the programming skills in order to make it as good as you wish it to be. You can integrate with social media streams, document upload, membership-only websites and many more!


In case you enjoy dealing with videos on regular basis, then you should be more than aware with the fact displaying videos might be a really big problem depending on the technology you are using and the embedding options of the website. However, Vimeo users can easily take advantage of Vimeography – a really good plugin for WP that will let you display great galleries of video content. The best part is the interface is really great, so you will not have any problems with it for sure. You can also create multiple galleries.


SlideDeck allows users to create customized slideshows that can be displayed via different sliders on your WP site. Every single ones of those sites can be filled with images, social media stream, videos, texts, etc. There is a special template system for the sliders and is called “lens”. They can be configured in order to match the design of your site. If you want to add even more lens to your site, then go for the premium version. It is one of the best wordpress plugins for image management.

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

Do you want an audio player inside your website? Probably the best plugin for this is HTML5 jQuery Audio Player and there is a really solid reason for this. It supports single or multiple tracks, playlists, etc. As a backwards compatibility HTML5 also features Flash, which means that your player will be able to work on different desktop and mobile devices without any problems.


WPTouch is one of the best solutions when it comes to mobile skin solutions. It will offer you various themes for your mobile device no matter of its operating system – iOS, Android or Windows mobile. It is important to support mobile version of your site, because you can’t force users to navigate through desktop oriented site on a small screen. The installation part is pretty simple and you can configure the plug-in in the way you want. This is one really quick solution for making mobile website.


JetPack brings variety of different functions such as cloud-hosting stats for your site, built-in URL shortener, email subscription, network-based commenting system, grammar and spelling checker.

Wp e-commerce

If you want to turn your WP sit into a fully featured e-commerce store, then this is the right plugin in you need. It offers a complete integration and built-in connection with most of the major online payment services. It is one of the best ecommerce plugins for wordpress.

The system will give you the chance to upload various products divided into different categories and it also offers a great shopping cart where you can manage your purchase. The calculations of shipping costs, payment captures and all the needed confirmations via mail are handled automatically.

Seven Days

This is one small WP plugin that will let you to activate/deactivate different widgets based on the day of the week. Keep in mind that this type of plugin is preferred by people who are actually interested in the day of the week and the type of content that should be displayed. It very simple and powerful!

Flipping Book

This plugin is considered to be more of a creative type. You can easily use it to organize images or combine them in albums. There are also lots of interesting carousels that you can take advantage of.

Post Ideas

Do you have a great idea for a certain type of post? If yes, then this is the type of plugin you should be using. It can be presented as an online notebook, since it will record different ideas for your future posts. In that way you can be sure that you will never forget some of your great ideas for WordPress posts you have in your mind for certain website.

Sliding Panel

In case you have endless examples of your previous work, then you will definitely have problems with the part of its upload. Don’t worry, this plugin is really time-saving because it will allow you to close/hide/expose some of the content you want

Wp Wall

If you like the Facebook style integration, you should know that this plugin will add a wall to the sidebar of your blog, where visitors can quickly add different comments about other posts, and so on. The idea is really simple, but will definitely make your blog a better place and will help you reduce WordPress spam effectively.

Different Posts per Page

If you don’t like the ordinary 10 posts per page, then this is the type of plugin you are definitely in need of. It will allow you to customize the posts you want to see on an individual page.

Pretty Link

This tool will allow you to personalize or shrink all of the links to the external sites embedded in your blog. It will also shorten the link using your own domain name.


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