Showcase of Top WordPress Gallery Plugins for Photographers

WordPress has emerged as another top open-source platform. It has successfully completed 10 bewitching years. WordPress Gallery plugins are one of the best plugins for the photographers or anyone who desire to present their artworks or photographs in a fancy and modern way. There are manifold wordpress plugins available to present the photo gallery on your wordpress website, which produces a visual treat to your visitors. There are many options in photo gallery plugin to display your artworks in different visual styles, various gallery type, awesome light box effect, responsive design features, option to support both images and videos and many more. When you want to display the collection of your photos in a web page, you can integrate these options to attract your visitors. Here we are going to see the showcase of best WordPress Gallery plugins especially for photographers.

Fancy Gallery – WordPress plugin

Fancy Gallery

The next is Fancy Gallery plugin. It has an excellent user-friendly AJAX admin. You will be able to upload many numbers of photos and can create numerous albums. This plugin has an option to add any images, videos or website to the gallery. There is another best feature is called Generator which allows to use galleries on external websites.

Pics Mash Image Rating Tool

Pics Mash

Epic Pics is designed to be the central “hub” of the Pics Mash network. If you have installed the Pics Mash Plugin you have the option to share your images and have them displayed on the central hub.

When you install and activate v3.0 it sends a message to the site that a new installation of the plugin has been activated. Epic Pics Mash then checks in at regular intervals and if you’ve chosen to share, adds your images to the Epic Pics Mash. One big Pics Mash of ALL the photos in ALL the installs of the WordPress plugin.

uSquare – Universal responsive grid


uSquare is a wordpress responsive squared grid that can display your content in a unique and interesting way. You can use it for displaying team members, products, services, designs, blog posts or anything else that comes to your mind. In our live preview we have included 3 modifications of the original file in order for you to see how uSquare can serve your purpose.

While we developed uSquare responsive grid plugin we carefully thought about its responsive layout. We wanted to make sure that all elements are visible and accessible with all resolutions for responsive layout.

Instagram Gallery – WordPress Plugin

Instagram Gallery

Instagram Gallery – WordPress Plugin is the plugin for wordpress that will enable you to display your snaps you or another account have uploaded to instagram or images with hashtags. This includes variety of configuration to have control over the gallery.

iGallery – Interactive WordPress Photo Gallery


The iGallery is an interactive WordPress photo gallery plugin, best fit for creative and corporate portfolio websites, that lets you create beautifully animated galleries with a modern look and smooth animations.

-Drag and drop (easily build galleries, reorder groups and images through the drag and drop interface)
-Create unlimited number of galleries
-Settings for each gallery (thumb sizes, gallery gap, colors)

RoyalSlider – Touch Content Slider for WordPress


With WordPress Gallery plugin, it is easy to add, edit and order any images with ease. The main feature of this gallery plugin is it has a responsive image gallery and also it contains a slider plugin. It has a mobile friendly feature as well. You can also manage, change and customize the slider options.

Gigabox – Responsive WP Gallery/Image Effect


Gigabox is a lightweight responsive WordPress image gallery . It will integrate with your theme seamlessly and it won’t look out of place. Also it won’t bloat your website with tons of unnecessary code, Gigabox’s JS file is only 9 KB. It’s really easy to add a Gigabox image or Gigabox gallery because it integrates with WP Media Manager (check out the demo site for video demonstrations!). Gigabox works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE 8+.

MAC Photo Gallery

MAC Photo Gallery

MAC Photo gallery plugin lets your user to integrate a perfect photo gallery option with a perfect array of photos and folders on your website. The main feature of this extension is its MAC dock effect available for all the photos. You will be able to create multiple albums and upload numerous photos to display with the smooth gallery slideshow. It is also possible to add photos from multiple photo-sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and many more. Option to implement Facebook share for each pictures.

PICA Photo Gallery

PICA Photo Gallery

This is another photo gallery plugin to integrate photo galleries in an impressive way with many features like slideshows, thumbnails, special effect with all the slideshows and many more. This photo gallery extension replicates one of the best photo sharing website called Picasa. Your user will have a different experience in viewing all the photos with full screen slideshows. And also Social media sharing option is available.



With Imagepress WordPress plugin, images can be uploaded in multiple albums or categories. It has many best features like option to sort according to category, date and title, multi-lingual, pagination options available, easy to customize and integrate and so on.

PhotoSmash Galleries

PhotoSmash Galleries

Photosmash gallery plugin is easier to upload photos in any page or posts. It has many features like Map your images using Google Maps, option for AJAX photo upload, auto adding option and many more. It has simple and flexible option to customize the photo galleries.

Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress

Complete Gallery

Although there is an option to upload many numbers of images to the gallery, it is not that easy to manage them. Using Complete Gallery Manager you can easily create and manage multiple albums faster. You will have two different gallery type options which are Isotype Gallery and Touch slider. You can customize the gallery type and layout setting without any trouble.

Justified Image Grid – Premium WordPress Gallery

Justified Image Grid

This WordPress gallery is a responsive plugin with easy to customize options. You can upload images or also upload images directly from Facebook, Picasa or Flickr. Justified Image Grid plugin has best features like instagram compatibility, nextgen gallery integration, filter by using tag clouds, load more type of pagination, multiple free lightbox options available and many more.

Dynamic Grid: Photo Gallery for WordPress

Dynamic Grid

This plugin uses the “Dynamic Grid” engine. Thanks to that, you have the power to create exactly the layout you need. And if you don’t know what you need, the plugin comes with rock-solid default settings that create a beautiful and random layout on every page load!

If you want to tackle the settings a bit you can create anything – horizontal 1-row scroller, vertical 1-column scroller, grid with square cells, grid with random number of cells, or even – a grid with random number of cells and every cell with a random height! You get the idea…

The best thing is, that it can be random on every page load, which means a unique experience for the user on every visit.

UberGrid – responsive grid builder for WordPress


UberGrid is a powerful responsive grid / gallery builder for WordPress that will impress your visitors with stylish grids built in minutes. You can use UberGrid to present your portfolioteamproductsphotos,blog posts, or anything else that can be presented with square cells. Its unique customisability will adopt to almost any needs.