Do Twice as Much in Half the Time With 260+ Pre-built Websites

You’ve no doubt been told, that the way to success is to work smarter instead of harder. That bit of advice also applies if you’re looking for ways to free up some extra time. You have the skills and talent to make working smarter a reality, so what’s keeping you from making the change?

Chances are, it’s the tools you’re working with. They get you from here to there OK, but they take up valuable time doing so; time you would rather be spending with friends, or at the beach.

There’s a simple solution, and it’s only a click away.

Read on.


35 Collection Of Premium Flat WordPress Themes
  1. Clear Your Schedule in 1 Second Flat – Be Theme Shows You How


Be Theme is a Top 5 ThemeForest best seller. It holds the key to your getting one or more days’ worth of work done in about 4 hours.

Imagine your clients’ delight when you can give them same-day instead of a 7-day turnaround. Be Theme’s 260+ pre-built websites make it happen. Access one with a single click, and you can immediately begin customizing it to meet your client’s needs. This cool 40-second video demonstrates how easy the installation process is.

Getting Started with Gutenberg Plugin

No more wasting time looking for a theme that’s a perfect match to your client’s needs. Pre-built websites also help you collaborate with your client when looking for feedback.


  1. Here are 10 Most-Common Types of Clients You’ll Win Over with Be Theme


Best Medical Website Design and WordPress Themes

For Clients Who Sell Online Courses: Be eLearning

If you get an assignment to create a website for a client specializing in online learning products and courses, and you’re not terribly familiar with the niche, Be eLearning will save your day. This pre-built website is perfectly structured for the task at hand. All you need to do is incorporate your client’s content and requirements.

Free Grid Style WordPress Themes

For Clients Who Own Small Businesses: Be Craftbeer

Many businesses get their start by selling a few handcrafted products. This pre-built website provides the perfect solution for creating a website for a startup microbrewery. Be Craftbeer is, in fact, a good choice for building a variety of small business websites.


For Clients in the Interior Design & Architecture Business:  Be Tiles

Unless you’ve spent some time in the world of interior design, you may not have a good understanding of your client’s business model. Be Tiles is designed to put your worries to rest. It gives you the capability to quickly deliver a website that shows that you know and value your client’s work.


For Clients Working in Creative Industries: Be Artist

These clients are habitually chasing after the latest innovations. They expect you to be doing the same if you to create a website that conforms to their standards and tastes. With Be Artist, it’s no problem to show off your client’s portfolio in a unique and engaging way.


For Clients Working in the Catering Industry:  Be Burger

What do you present in a catering service website – a storefront? Some websites in this niche do just that. You can set your clients apart from the competition by delivering a website that’s filled with mouth-watering images, is well-structured, and provides easy-to-order forms.


For Clients in the Fitness and Wellness Industry: Be Sports Club

The steadily growing interest in sports and fitness clubs should mean more business for you. With Be Sports Club as your starting point, you can deliver a sparkling website to a client in this niche in a matter of hours. As the word gets around, others representing this niche will be beating a path to your door.


For Clients in the Travel and Lodging Industry: Be Hotel2

Be Hotel2 portrays a high-end resort hotel. Clients in the hotel business are often more than willing to pay a premium rate for a website like this one, with its superb imagery and perfectly structured sections. You could deliver a product in 4 hours by using this pre-built website as a starting point.


For Clients Who Own a Restaurant or Bistro: Be Restaurant

You’ll have to look long and hard to find a restaurant website that can compare to this one. Be Restaurant is all you need to deliver a website that stands out in this crowded and competitive industry. Your client will love the special slider effect, whether the business is a Michelin-rated restaurant, or a cozy neighborhood bistro.


For Your IT Clients: Be VPN

Short and sweet. An IT client expects to receive a website that is professional looking, well structured, and featuring an innovative UI. You can give them all of this, and more, with the Be VPN go-to pre-built website – and add a human touch as well.


For Clients Who Sell Luxury Cars: Be Car

If you expect to satisfy and impress a luxury car retailer, you need to provide a website that’s every bit as luxurious and elegant in appearance as your client’s product line. Be Car, with its super hero image and clever use of white space, does precisely that.


  1. So, What’s Keeping You Away from Working Half the Time and Producing Twice as Much?


It’s usually much easier to compile a list of reasons for not doing something than it is to jump right in. It might be fear of failure or of leaving your comfort zone, or simply a natural resistance to change. If your comfort zone is all that great, why are you dreaming of making more by working less, or by having extra time to be with friends or spend on the beach?

Consider this: The faster you work, and the better your results as a web designer/developer are, the more clients you’re going to get. You’ll get higher-paying clients too, including two of the best kinds of clients – repeat clients, and referred clients.

And, it takes just a click to be on your way.



It all sounds so easy. The good news is that it’s as easy as it sounds. When you have a tool like BeTheme to do much of the work for you, you can’t help but turn out a better product in a shorter amount of time.

Check out one or more of the examples shown here in detail, and you’ll see for yourself how much of a head start you’ll get in making a client a happy client by producing a 5-star, responsive website in record time.