20+ Inspiring and Brand New Pre-Built Websites

Today we’ll share more than 20 Inspiring and Brand New Pre-Built Websites. These templates are easy to customize and ready to fit you and your client’s needs.

Your clients may not necessarily understand the latest website design trends, but they still appreciate knowing you are up to speed on the latest happenings in the web design field. They will love what you can deliver for them using professionally-designed pre-built websites.

The latest 20 releases are shown here. They have something to offer for most small business websites or blogs.

You have more to choose from, 190+ of them in fact, with Be Theme’s creator, Muffin Group, turning out an average of 4 new releases every month. When you come to one that especially appeals to you, just click on the link at the top. It will take you to the website, where you can study the pre-built website in greater detail.

The 20+ Newest Pre-built Website Releases


Inspiring and Brand New Pre-Built WebsitesSmart choices in professional tools and colors, with a glass of juice adding a refreshing, friendly touch, proves that a website for a VPN service can be cool.

 Be Theme’s collection of pre-built websites continues to get bigger and better. There are more than 190 of these professionally-designed to select from, with many more to come.

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Pre-built websites offer a wealth of different design layouts and conceptual designs. They are well suited for business niches of all types, as you will see while reviewing the most recent releases shown here.

Take note of the use of imagery, color, white space, and background patterns, and the explicit or implicit use of calls to action. A few of these pre-built websites are intended for single page use. Most are multiple page affairs.

Be Holding Brand New Pre-Built Websites

A serious business website that puts into great perspective elements of workplace tradition, history and warmth. This Be Holding business website makes good use of background imagery while featuring a strong UVP area.

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Be Music


This web design is a perfect choice for a music studio. It’s fresh and intense, while at the same time retaining a professional look.

Be Freelancer


This freelancer’s portfolio website design is proof that text against a cool background design can tell a story that is well-designed to gather in new clients for graphics design work.

 Be App2


This newApp2 pre-built website design is smart and concise, and it promises the visitor a rewarding user experience.

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Be Pharmacy

Brand New Pre-Built Websites

The message is clear, but the first thing visitors will notice about this Be Pharmacy website is its sense of friendly professionalism. A great look for either a product or service-oriented site.

Be Lifestyle


Be Lifestyle offers a great layout for a blog or an online magazine. The individual content blocks tend to carry with them a call to action – in some cases implied, in some cases explicit.

Be Pets


No collection of pre-built websites would be complete without a theme dedicated to cat lovers. That’s the reason why the Muffin Group authors devoted one of their latest releases to this super sharp blog –  just for cats.

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Be Kebab


Here is a website design that will make visitor’s mouths water. It will definitely please even the most particular fast food business client. Note the neighborly touch “Our Menu” conveys.

Be Print

Brand New Pre-Built Websites

Be Tea


This web design is perfectly suited for a cozy, neighborhood tea shop. It tells a story, and the graphic elements give a hint of old school taste and aroma.

Be Toy


Note the clever use of white space, object placement, and parallax in Be Toy; a website that can be as fun to create as it is to visit. Check out the clever use of colors in the product pages.

Be Carpenter


This pre-built website for a small carpentry business presents everything on one page. Its warmth and simplicity is perfectly suited for its intended use

Be Charity


This pre-built website for a charity organization offers a perfect example of an effective use of slideshows, each with a short, powerful message.

Be Retouch

Inspiring and Brand New Pre-Built Websites

This easygoing, pre-built website, is expressly designed for professional photo services. It employs cool graphics, an impressive gallery (as would be expected), and clever mouse-over effects.

Be Mining


A pre-built website for a corporation need not be cold and formal. Be Modern uses modern design lines that combine to produce a much more approachable image.

Be Casino


Be Casino is a new Be Theme creators’ release. This pre-built website is dedicated to a casino club. Its one-page layout features all the needed business essentials

Be Sushi


Any food-related business client should expect nothing less than outstanding photography to present food items in a way that makes a viewer hungry. Be Sushi is an excellent website for this type of business and client.



This new pre-built website is just what your HR agency client needs; a smooth and modern layout combined with a friendly call to action.

Be Tiles


Be Tiles places a clear unique value proposition against a tastefully arranged background image with its focus on interior design. The home page points a visitor directly toward the gallery.

Be Accountant

Brand New Pre-Built Websites

Be Accountant illustrates how a seemingly random placement of related images can effectively tell the story of a modern-day accountant hard at work. The UVP is simply expressed, but effective, and it does not interfere with the overall image.

Installing and Editing Be Theme Pre-made Layouts is a Snap

It takes just over a minute to watch the video below on how to install and edit a Be Theme pre-built website. It should be obvious once you’ve watched it, that the actual process should not take any longer.

Installation takes but one click; and with a couple of additional clicks you are off and running. The video may appear to speed things up a bit, but you’ll soon find yourself motoring along just as quickly. Be Theme is like that – it’s powerful, it’s easy, and it’s intuitive to use.

Be Theme’s Powerhouse Features

With 40 core features that include a huge selection of predesigned websites, regular updates, and a world-class support team, Be Theme gives you what you need to build one awesome website after another.

For your page building needs, the popular Muffin Builder 3 lets you drag and drop your way to creating one amazing user experience after another. If you’re a Visual Composer devotee, you can use VC with Be Theme as well.

Be’s Admin Panel keeps your website building undertakings on track, and keeps you moving along at a rapid pace. In combination with Muffin Builder, the Admin Panel becomes a powerful productivity enhancer.

The Shortcode Generator takes care of the many instances where a special need or detail would normally call for special code. Just plug what you want to see or to happen in the appropriate selection from the shortcode library, and let Be Theme do the work for you. No coding is required.

If you wish to build a page from a blank canvas, the Layout Configurator helps you set up your new layout with a few simple clicks.

There’s much more of course; but you get the idea. The tools you need are at your fingertips, and easy to work with.


These pre-built websites were designed by professionals for professional web builders and entrepreneurs, and their clients. Most of these clients are likely to be small business owners who will appreciate how clever you are at using color, object placement, outstanding graphics, and special effects to create an attention-getting and engaging user experience.