Looking for the Best Value for Your Money in a WordPress Theme?

Best Value WordPress Theme

In your search for the best tool to support your web design efforts, you face difficult choices.  There are so many promising tools on the market, but in reality, only a few are efficient. Turn your focus to what is important – value.

It’s value that allows you to outshine your competition. When you place value first, there is one solution that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and this is it.

How to check if a WordPress theme has value for money

You can define value as getting your money’s worth. By that argument, a free WP theme, and there are some good ones on the market, would have on paper the most value. It would also show that equally-priced premium WP themes should provide roughly equal value. This is not always true.


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Value is getting the most for your money.  It is synonymous with making a great investment. And making a buy that efficiently, and effectively, addresses your design needs.  You can describe A WP theme that has great value can as follows:

– It features an plenty of quality pre-built websites. These are built by a hard-working team of professionals. The more of these pre-built websites you have access to, the easier it is to communicate with, and work with a client. As an example: Your client will be in a position to give you feedback on a nearly complete website, instead of on a wireframe or mockup.

– One-click demo installation, and no need for coding. A WP theme that makes building a high-quality website building easy, is definitely one that is giving you good value for your money. No steep learning curves and cumbersome provesses that take up your time and nerves. Now, you can focus on what you like best doing – design. Most WP themes are responsive and retina ready – or should be. One that is lacking will not give you much, if any, value for your money.

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– Parallax effect and video backgrounds are hot trends right now, and for good reason. Having these capabilities is a must if you expect to produce a modern website that provides a great UX.

– You want a WP theme that features good customization options. A website that gives you all the flexibility you need. Flexibility and value go hand in hand.

– Great design. You’ll know it when you see it.

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Examples of Professionally-Designed, Beautiful Pre-Built Websites

These pre-built websites have been designed with the latest trends in mind. Some emphasize one trend, some another; but most have made good use of more than one trend.

Be Barber


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  • The outstanding characteristics of this pre-built website are obvious. A vintage look, a minimalistic vibe, and a luxurious color range are what it takes to built an awesome website.
  • The design remains simple throughout, with the use plenty of white space to add emphasis to the content.
  • The subtle parallax effect adds depth. And the graphical elements as a whole are used consistently throughout.

Be GoodFood


This pre-built website makes use of the popular cards design trend.

  • It is beautifully designed, with a fresh look that befits a food or diet related website.
  • A subtle choice of colors gives the background a fluid appearance.
  • Note how the homepage image is tastefully carried over (in part) onto the other pages.



  • This pre-built website, dedicated to a VPN business has an innovative approach. It imparts a friendly look to a corporate setting.
  • The colors are strong and lively, yet they have a definitely relaxing effect. As if taking a deep breath before getting down to work.
  • This pre-built website features a flat design and a nice use of graphical elements. Notice the smartly arranged structure.

Be Music


Dedicated to a music studio, this pre-built website connects to a younger, vibrant audience. This is exemplified by its colors, its joyous images, a modern card design approach, and more. Also, notice the clever use of a modern parallax effect, and blend in a dynamic use of graphic elements. The result? A beautiful and engaging website.

Be Car


This pre-built website combines a smart choice of colors with a skillful use of white space. Everything is embodied into a minimalist structure, projecting a feeling of luxury.

  • Subtle hover effects, when tastefully used, can be especially effective in engaging the user.
  • Icons and graphics provide underlining information. They are visible, subtle, and by no means intrusive.

0.28$ for a Pre-Built Website that Has All the Cool Features – Now, That’s Value!

Over 210 pre-built websites like those featured here come with your buy of Be Theme. They come in a wide variety of categories. Ranging from creative, automotive, sports, and nutrition, to small business, portfolio and blog. Add entertainment, architecture, movies, print, perfume or medical to the list, and you get the idea. And there are many more.


All these websites have several things in common. Including one click installation, no need for coding and easy customization. The professional design takes into account the most modern design trends.

History is on your side too. When you buy Be Theme, you’ll find yourself the owner of a top 5 seller ThemeForest product. And, in the company of more than 40,000 professional designers like yourself.  Professionals who know good value when then see it.