List Of The Best Parallax Scrolling Websites: Top 20

Parallax scrolling is the fresh trend in the web design. It is defined as a computer graphic  in which, the background image moves at slower rate as compared to the foreground image. This creates a 3D effect while you scroll down the website page. This effect certainly renders a nice experience by adding element of depth in the website. In the recent years, this technique has become popular among web designers, who have been pushing to limit on creativity. This practice actually started with the emergence of the latest versions of CSS & HTML (HTML5 & CSS3).

Here is a list of the best 20 parallax scrolling website, take a glance:


This is a famous digital agency from Oslo. It makes use of various elements to exhibit a creatively designed website. Infinite scrolling effects have been used together with the parallax effect that too on a single page theme. This becomes a perfect example that how multiple elements can be mixed together in order to create astound effects.


The Beast

This website (a site based on folk singer Laura Marling’s album), uses data attributes and new semantic elements extensively. It is done to trigger animations at the particular audio cue points like animation cues, scene changes, etc. The direction and speed of the parallax moving effects is also controlled.

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The Beast by Laura Marling


Madwell is a development and design agency, located in New York. It displays its portfolio with a wide range of parallax scrolling effects. These effects are capable of creating a worth-noticing 3D style, which adds a great amount of depth.

Madwell - A Tiny Little Giant Agency

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Usually, web designer create 3D illusion in the website by using images in their parallax effects. But, this website breaks the rule by coming with forefront in the parallax portfolio, which really appears to be compelling.

NEOTOKIO - italian interactive design studio

Activate Drinks

The company offers drinks with added vitamins. In order to recite this story, 3D elements have been used by placing bubbles in the foreground, in the middle and in the background.

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Activate Drinks


Oakley is an eyewear retailer that has succeeded with this website. It has been created for the fresh Airbrake MX goggle, which mixes cool scrolling effects with amazing photography, which depicts the product impressively.

Oakley Airbrake MX

Weekly Logo Design Inspiration # 34

Life Of Pi

It is the official website of the movie with the similar name. A wonderful parallax effect has been used for the purpose of keeping the audiences engaged while telling the inspiring journey of Pi.

LIFE OF PI on Digital HD

Q Music Titanic

This is one of the best examples of a website, which uses incredible parallax effect. It is an interesting site, which tells the crucial facts and figures about the legendary Titanic cruise with the help of the parallax effects.



Shape is a creative agency that uses parallax scrolling for the sake of explaining their design process. The animation explains the entire flow of their work and adds an amazing visual touch.

Website Design Manchester - Shape


Generally, you scroll to a different page, but this agency website comes with something exceptional. It renders scrolling element or mechanism piece for each page, which makes everything more interesting. It is an effective approach and idea of parallax design that comes with a technique to generate inventive results.



The scrolling effect of this website is really exclusive. It wonderfully showcases the every feature of the product as we keep scrolling. It can be called a perfect example of scrolling effect.

Discover Bagigia - The Bag


It can be called a website with a distinctive parallax effect as it displays the website with the help of an arrow.

Eros Balázs

Green Man

It is a cute example of parallax scrolling, which seems to take the viewers to the world of animation. The site has been designed with a simple yet appealing parallax effect.

Green Man Festival

Hegarty on Advertising

The world of advertising is always associated with creativity. With the scrolling effect, the website offers you an movie watching experience, where one thing after another is revealed with a creative approach.

Hegarty On Advertising — Turning intelligence into magic


The parallax effect of this website is quite engaging. This greeting card based website is worth to attract the attention of the visitors.

inTacto s 2012 greeting card

Jan Ploch

Though the website has been designed with a simple and sober approach, but it contains all the essential items to grab the attention.

Online portfolio of Jan Ploch

Jason Kenny OBE

This wonderful website has been crafted for Olympic English track cylist Jason Kenny. Even with a single page, the parallax effect has been utilized properly.

Jason Kenny OBE

Reverend Danger

This digital agency website perfectly displays the interactive design with parallax effect.

Reverend Danger


It is a website, which is enriched with everything including content, graphics and an eye-catching scrolling effect.


La Moulade

Filled with enormous movement and animation, this design for French agency La Moulade also showcases exceptional navigation widget.

La Moulade - Creative Studio

Final Words:

The above-mentioned list of the websites showcases the ideal examples of parallax scrolling effects. The best thing about these websites is that they all have different scrolling effects and are unique in their own way. If you actually want to get this effect for your website, then you should visit these websites in order to get ideas and apply them accordingly.