Dark Horse Comics Covers by David Palumbo

Here’s illustration and painting based work of David Palumbo titled with Dark Horse Comics covers.

Philadelphia, USA based artist David Palumbo is an illustrator. As a freelance illustrator he provided variety of themed work from book covers and collectible card games to advertisements and concept design. His work has been awarded two Spectrum medals and has shown in galleries and museums from New York to Paris. He was Art Director for Night Shade Books from April 2010 to December 2012. His work Dark Horse Comics Covers is cool piece of illustration that shows his skill and talent toward his profession.

Dark Horse Comics Covers Dark-Horse-Comics-Covers-01 Dark Horse Comics Covers Dark Horse Comics Covers Dark-Horse-Comics-Covers Dark-Horse-Comics-Covers Dark-Horse-Comics-Covers Dark-Horse-Comics-Covers Dark-Horse-Comics-Covers