Top 20 Newest WordPress Themes

If you want a website that loads fast, looks great, is easy to manage and SEO-friendly, WordPress is your primary choice. Powering more than 70 million websites worldwide, including web pages of CNN and NBC Sports, WordPress is the number one blogging platform and one of the most popular content management systems out there.

This year the latest and most advanced version of WordPress – 3.6 – has been released, so with this new version your website can benefit from a number of great features and improvements. They include a built-in HTML5 media player, a user-friendlier menu editor, augmented autosave, and many more.

How to Get a Great-Looking WordPress 3.6 Website on a Budget?

Fortunately, WordPress allows you to choose from dozens of ready-made design themes, created specifically for this CMS. No need to spend months and hundreds of dollars to design a template of your own. Instead, you can buy a ready theme and customize it to your needs and taste. In this post we collected 20 gorgeous design templates for any business, and all of them are compatible with the latest WordPress 3.6.

What Else Will You Like About These Templates?

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Customizable & Flexible

All WordPress themes can easily be customized to meet your specific needs. Plus, all of them are based on Cherry Framework, a unique free framework by TemplateMonster. Cherry powers even more flexible and user-friendly design templates and is very easy to use.


A Beginner’s Guide To Designing A WordPress Site

Want a website that is mobile user-friendly? Good choice. Pick one of these responsive designs, which adapt to the screens of smartphones and tablets.

All Images Included

Images make 90% of any design’s success. All images in our WordPress themes can be replaced, but if you want to keep them, feel free to do so. With a template you get a license on all images used in it, so you can publish them on your website without worrying about copyright.

How Can You Secure Your WordPress Site Using wp-config.php?

Provided by a Major Design Themes Resource is the number one location of premium design themes for WordPress, so you get the biggest choice of commercial designs. Plus, you will be provided with 24/7 support before and after your purchase. You don’t even have to hire someone else to install and customize the template, as these services are also available.

Now, let’s discover the twenty designs that will make your WordPress 3.6 website look amazing!

20 Top WordPress Themes for Designers, Photography, Agencies and Architectures

Clean NewsMag – Interesting News Portal WordPress Theme

This responsive Cherry framework – based template offers plenty of space for news and information, but still looks clean, not overcrowded.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Soft Olive – Food Store Responsive WordPress Template

This Cherry-based theme is fully responsive. With it soft olive shades it is a perfect match for a website related to olive oil or any food store website.

Newest WordPress Themes

Details |  Demo

Helping Hand – Kind Children Charity WordPress Theme

This responsive Cherry-based WordPress theme is a find for charity organizations. Featuring an unusual heading menu, animated icons, and a big lightbox, the template looks modern and original.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Summer Sky – Happy Summer Camp WordPress Theme

Another responsive design template, based on Cherry framework. Using white and bright blue, the theme looks clean and spacious – perfect for a summer camp website.

Newest WordPress Themes

Details |  Demo

Internet Technology – Heavy Internet WordPress Website

This clean, business-like design will be perfect for a techy business like an Internet provider. The template is also fully responsive and based on Cherry framework.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Pastel Fashion – Beautiful Apparel WordPress Template

This responsive theme, based on Cherry, is excellent for a fashion website. Its pastel colors make the design look tasteful and soft.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Slick Cars – Car Repair Services WordPress Theme

This responsive Cherry framework template looks slick and techy. It will be a perfect choice for a car repair business.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Simple & Serious – Insurance Business WordPress Theme

This simple theme with a soft gray background is great for a business that wants to look serious and trustworthy, like an insurance company. The template is mobile-friendly and based on Cherry framework.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Clean & Modern – Investment Strategies WordPress Theme

The design uses classic colors that create a business-like impression, and looks modern and fresh. This responsive Cherry-based theme will be perfect for businesses like investment strategy consultants.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Harvest Time – Agriculture Business WordPress Theme

This responsive WordPress theme, based on Cherry framework, is perfect for an agriculture-related website, with its impressive photos and lovely icons.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Smart Tutors – Tutoring WordPress Website

This responsive WordPress theme, based on Cherry framework, is perfect for a modern and fresh tutoring website.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Pure White – Minimal Marketing Agency WordPress Template

This minimalistic, clean and white design template is perfect for any business that has taste and style – for example, a marketing agency. The theme is also based on Cherry framework and fully responsive.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Fun Circus – Colorful Entertainment WordPress Theme

This colorful, saturated design is fun to even look at. With its adorable images and fonts, the responsive Cherry-based theme is perfect for a circus website.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Clean Green – IT Responsive WordPress Theme

This clean Cherry-based theme, using white and a pleasant shade of green, looks techy and business-like. A perfect match for an IT business website.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Clear White – Internet Responsive WordPress Theme

With soft and cool shades, this Cherry-based template looks especially clean and modern. It will be a find for an Internet services website.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Delicious Meal – Clean Cooking WordPress Theme

This responsive Cherry-based template has a beautifully designed background and lots of white space, making it look clean and stylish. The design will be a perfect match for a cooking blog.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Deep Sea – Diving Responsive WordPress Theme

This Cherry-based design is created specifically for a diving website, with its deep blue colors and beautiful underwater images.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Hot Mexico – Flat Mexican Restaurant WordPress Theme

This responsive Cherry framework theme is excellent for a Mexican restaurant, with its combination of hot red and white.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Pet Care – Dog Responsive WordPress Theme

This clean responsive template, based on Cherry, is great for a website on dog care.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo

Eastern Harmony – Peaceful FengShuiWordPress Theme

This responsive Cherry-based theme is a harmonious combination of beautiful images and tasteful backgrounds – excellent for a website on FengShui.

Newest WordPress ThemesDetails |  Demo