Make your visitors smile with these 6 cool WordPress smilies plugins

Smilies, also known as emoticons have always been considered as effective tools for brightening blog posts. Whatever be the theme of your blog, inserting appropriate smilies can always highlight the essence of your writing. Usually, text smilies are created by typing one or more punctuation marks but in WordPress, text smileys are automatically converted into graphic images. Today, through downgraf, I’ll be introducing you to six best WordPress smilies plugins that’ll allow you to use eye-catchy smilies and emoticons in your blog posts/pages.

What’s the purpose of installing smilies plugins into WordPress blogging sites?

Since you’ll definitely want to improvise the look and feel of your posts/pages via smilies, it’s recommended to download and install WordPress smilies plugins. Doing this will aid you in inserting the smilies and emoticons in posts and pages in a quick and hassle-free manner. In addition to this, these plugins will also allow you to change the visual appearance of the smilies and emoticons, thereby helping you customize your blog/page as per your preference. You can choose to activate and de-activate the installed smilies plugins as per your changing preferences.

Six best WordPress Smilies Plugins to enhance your WordPress blog/site

WordPress Smilies Plugin#1- Speedy Smilies

Speedy Smilies

As the name suggests, this is a WordPress smilies plugin that makes your smilies load faster. Whether you’ve included smilies/emoticons in your posts or pages, this plugin will make them load at a faster rate. Installing this plugin will add a Speedy Smilies section to your WordPress editor, allowing you to add smilies and emoticons in a single click. To sum it all, installing Speedy Smilies will speed up and beautify your blog by substituting individual WordPress smilies with a single CSS image containing all the emoticons/smilies.

WordPress Smilies Plugin#2- Zaazu Emoticons

Zaazu Emoticons

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Hardcore emoticon lover will definitely like this WordPress plugin. With over 2,500 downloads since its launch, this WordPress plugin has been successful in impressing WordPres users all over the globe. This plugin is easy-to-install, configure and integrate. With this WordPress plugin, you get an instant access to HD (High-definition) smileys portraying expressions such as love, happy, sad etc.

WordPress Smilies Plugin#3- Custom Smilies

Custom Smilies

Installing this WordPress plugin offers you the flexibility of personalizing your posts/pages/comments using smilies of your choice. Released in the year 2007, this WordPress plugin has been continuously winning the hearts of millions of WordPress users across the globe. The plugin has experienced a whopping 71,858 downloads, till date.

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WordPress Smilies Plugin#4- Cricket Moods

Cricket Moods

This WordPress plugin is a bit different from other smilies plugin. Unlike allowing you to add smilies to the post/pages, this plugin lets you add moods to your posts in the form of smilies/emoticons. An in-built mood manager allows you to rename the moods and modify the graphics associated with the same. You can add unlimited moods to your site’s content. With over 11,583 downloads till date, Cricket Moods has definitely been liked by a huge population of WordPress users.

WordPress Smilies Plugin#5- wp-Monalisa


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Well, in harmony with its name, this WordPress plugin smiles at you just like Monalisa does. By installing this plugin onto your WordPress site, you can easily maintain your smilies and even turn them into img tags. With this plugin, you can choose to activate or deactivate smilies for your posts or pages. In addition to this, you can even extend your comments and extend/replace default wordpress smilies.

WordPress Smilies Plugin#6- WP-Grins


This is yet another WordPress plugin customized for bringing that valuable smile on your visitors’ faces. Installing this plugin will provide clickable smilies for both, the posts that are uploaded via the admin panel as well as the comments placed on your blog. With a remarkable count of 32.316 downloads till date, this WordPress plugin is surely to impress WordPress community as a whole.

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WordPress smilies have played a vital role in the success of WordPress blogs and websites. By including smileys and emoticons in your content, you can easily add an emotional context that’ll tend to connect with your visitors at once. I’m sure after going through the above mentioned WordPress smilies plugins you’ll have got encouraged about including the same in your content. Do opt for the correct smilies and emoticons that’ll bring that grin to your visitor’s face. If you’ve something to share about the advantages of installing WordPress smilies plugins, please don’t hesitate in using the comments section below. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on my post.