We Start the series of Logo design, in this series you may uncover inventive, beautiful and full of inspirational Logo design and this is called weekly logo design inspiration. Today we share a weekly logo design inspiration series no 16, in this series we present an assortment of a creative and beautiful logo design for your inspiration. We will be glad if you like it and if it have a beneficial impact on your inspiration and creativity.

We will be glad if you like it and make comments on this article.

Logo Design – Hypercompact Animated 3D Logotype

Logo Design – Warriors Animated

Logo Design – Hammerheads

Logo Design Bull

Logo Design – Lion&Lamb

Logo Design – Lolita

Logo Design – RINO Excavating

Logo Design – WARD Electric_V2

Logo Design – WARD Electric_V1

Logo Design – The Hamptons

Logo Design – Bird logo concept

Logo Design – Sixbase Logo

Logo Design – Autobeginner

Logo Design – The Fun Wedding

Logo Design – Defender


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    I really like Rhino Excavating, It’s dynamic, original in style and color and it makes a lot of sense on its own as a mark, which is not always necessary but does help sometimes! Bull Entertainment is not a good logo in my opinion. Number one it looks like Red Bull and number two it’s not very clever at all with the horns giving shape to the B. So over done and unoriginal!

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    This is a different post like your other posts.
    Today you have shared logo designs inspirations, they looks wings of the birds and a mix combinations of shapes. These designs are Amazing and different from the others. Personally I liked all of them. But the best designs i like which are not in the forum of text. The simple picture logo designs are very Amazing.

    Thanks for you such amazing post.

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    Thanks! I am in the process of creating a new logo and this is great inspiration!

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    I love the simplicity and strength of “RIno Excavating,” but am also intrigued by the colorful and digital complexity of “Autobeginner.”

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