UI Design: 30 Creative User Interface Design Inspiration

UI design is brief for “user interface design”. An interface is what the user has to move with so as to control, or steer in a sense. UI designs can have a lot of to do with the design of the interface further as the feel of the interface. UI designers organize the external and internal design of the system such as the button or the display menu consistent with the requirements of the user who will act with the interface. Usability testing is a crucial facet of the UI design process and helps make sure that the UI design is customized to the user.

In this post We’ll collect 30 Creative UI Design for your Inspiration. These UI Design Inspiration will definitely help and grow your skills and ideas.

UI Kit – Dashboard Elements

UI_Design 1


UI_Design 2

Hockey Club “Kuban” mobile app ios7

UI_Design 3

Awesome and Creative Branding Design Ideas by Goran Jugovic

Hunt a Place

Hunt a Place is a mentorship app designed to facilitate the integration of foreigners in a specific

city / country.  We wanted to bring collaboration and simplicity in the exploration of different places.

The use of this application is based on a relationship between two people, one local from the city

20 Fantastic Artwork Of Water Photo Manipulation

and another one foreigner.

UI_Design 4

Squiryl Social Loyalty on your mobile phone

UI_Design 5

Hilarious CSS Puns That will Make You Laugh

MuscTube Concept

UI_Design 6

Discovery Channel

UI_Design 7


UI_Design 8

Eliska Adds Humorous Illustrations to Photos of New York

Flat Mobile App Music Player

UI_Design 9

E-mail client

UI_Design 10

Slide Concept

UI_Design 11

Musix app

UI_Design 12

Squirrel Settings

UI_Design 13


UI_Design 14

IMDb Concept

UI_Design 15

Jojo – transportation app

UI_Design 16

Zen of Ruby

UI_Design 17

Widgets Ui

UI_Design 18

Flat Dashboard

UI_Design 19

Flat Profile for Social Fashion Network – iOS app

UI_Design 20


UI_Design 21

MailApp Practice

UI_Design 22

Windows 8 style UI

UI_Design 23

Home Automation Flat App Design

UI_Design 24

Handee app screens

UI_Design 25

Movie Service UI

UI_Design 26

Mobile App Navigation

UI_Design 27

Leaderboard design

UI_Design 28

Playlist screen

UI_Design 29

Profiler for iPhone

UI_Design 30