Ruby on Rails, we either love you or hate you. We embrace the solutions you bring or call you names, such as “hipster”. Whatever our attitude is, however, we’d be blind not to appreciate how sleek and elegant sites built in rails look, both in terms of technology and visual presentations. The latest version, 4.0, released on the 25th of June 2013 is the latest step in the development of this framework, but certainly not the last. You might not know this, but many of the most popular sites use the rails technology. Let’s take a look at a couple of them in no particular order.

A site beloved by gamers worldwide, it allows streaming of live gameplay. Used by pro gamers and casual gamers alike.

Arguably the most famous Latvian site, combines features of a social website with anonymity and focuses on questions and answers.

This slide hosting service lets you upload your PDF, OpenOffice or PowerPoint files and share them with everyone or just your friends.


One of the biggest service marketplaces in the world (if not the biggest) with prices as low as 5$.


One of the first rails sites, it’s been a leading project management tool for years.


A digital library available at the touch of your fingertips, and it’s quite beautiful too!

One of the most comprehensive marketplace dealing in WordPress themes and website templates in general.


Available to Americans only (unfortunately), Hulu is one of the leading sites with TV shows episodes.


Making your personal bookshelf public has never been possible, let alone such fun. Compare and recommend.


The good old yellow pages, but in a digital version. Delivered directly to your computer, not your doorstep.


The definitive people, technology and business database that everyone can edit.


Yes, it’s in Japanese. Still it’s a great example of a successful cooking website that has dominated this niche of the Japanese net.


One of the funniest satirical websites out there, if you’re a fan of Will Ferrell and his humor.


A social photo sharing website, nothing too innovative but in a very nice packing.


A great customer service platform designed with simplicity in mind.


Combining the power of a social network with medical expertise has given surprisingly good results.


Losing control over time is something everyone working online has had a problem with – but not anymore, with Freckle!


A community of over 3 million people, supporting each other’s life goals.


A superb cooking website that combines a social element with a sleek design.


Looking for a job? Maybe you’re looking for employees? Try jobster!


A great sports news website that focuses on user-created content.


A portal that lets you create and manage customer communities.


This handy online tool lets you analyze the “heat map” of your website, showing the places where users have clicked the most


Website for fans of anything pop culture related, it allows fanclubs to connect and communicate.


One of the best and most recognizable webcomics out there, funny and witty.

These are just examples as there are tons of rails websites out there, delivering everything a web developer might want. If you want to use a ruby on rails website, make sure you have the correct rails hosting site chosen. You can find a list of certified ones on the rails website. Unfortunately, not all widely-known hosting services are compatible.



Monique is an Australian tech blogger who also loves good food and fashion. She works in – a company which has been changing the Rails hosting landscape for years. Its Ruby on Rails platforms allow customers to deploy and host applications.

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