30 Inspirational iOS 7 App Design That will surely inspire you

Today we made a list of iOS 7 App Design for Inspiration that will surely inspire.

iOS 7 has made numerous changes in the graphic design. The user interface showcases various elements to enhance the viewing experience of controllers, such as full screen layouts, borderless buttons, and glowing bars. The iconography and typography variations of iOS 7 App Design appeal to app developers who have become accustomed to tie this flat design together. The design justifies new statements that Apple was going flat with iOS 7, and it is classically flatter than the previous models.

Although the first appearance of iOS 7 App design fetched with many urging within design communities, it didn’t stop them from designing it. A number of generous designers are doing their best to help others to find their feet to the new design.

In this post we are posting 30 iOS7 App Design Inspiration to inspire our readers. I hope it’ll be liked by you all.

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Get inspired by stunning app designs!

Skyscanner app redesign

01-skyscanner iOS 7 App Design

UX, iPhone interface, Flat, iOS 7

02-sleep-tracker iOS 7 App Design

Fitness tracker

03-Fitness-tracker-iOS 7-app-design

iOS 7 Control Center Redesign

04-iOS 7-Control-Center-Redesign
05-iOS 7-Control-Center-Redesign

Excalibur iPhone App

06-Excalibur iOS 7 App Design

Online Store iPhone App Design


Coaching IO7 concept

08-Coaching iOS 7 App Design

Twitter. Redesign Concept

09-Twitter-Redesign-Concept-for-iOS 7
10-Twitter-Redesign-Concept-for-iOS 7

Top Gear Tribute, iOS 7 Redesign Concept

12-Top-Gear-Tribute-iOS 7-Redesign-Concept

Chase App Redesign


Lufthansa flight tracking app IOS7

14-Lufthansa-flight-tracking iOS 7 App Design

Facebook iOS 7 redesign

15-Facebook-iOS 7-app-design
16-Facebook-iOS 7-app-design
17-Facebook-iOS 7-app-design
18-Facebook-iOS 7-app-design

iOS7 BKNY mod


iOS7 Keypad Redesign


iOS7 Lock screen – Redesign


iOS7 Imagined


WIP fitness app iOS 7

24-WIP-fitness-app-iOS 7

iOS7 Dark Chat Project (Chats)


Instabank iOS7


Notes iOS7 (wip)


Whatsapp Redesign

28-Whatsapp-iOS 7-Redesign

iOS 7 Redesign Concept

29-iOS 7-Redesign-Concept
30-iOS 7-Redesign-Concept

Smart washer app UI


SmartHome Dashboard – iOS7


App Concept iOS7


iOS7 Sidebar Concept



35-Grouping iOS 7 App Design

Music player iOS 7 Style

36-Music-player-iOS 7-Style

SoundAround App


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