Google Penguin Update How did the public react: Infographic

Google penguin update has already hit many websites out there. In fact 67% of the webmasters are already frustrated about this update. This presentation to voice out the public’s view about the webspam update. Google, are you listening to this? People have already started to think of using alternate search engines

The latest Google Penguin  Update, which for a change is not named “Panda”, but “Penguin”, has again gotten a lot of webmasters and SEOs on their back heels. They are discussing whether or not this was a good thing, whether or not Google is to blame for websites losing their entire traffic and they are discussing what will be next.

All the discussion is interesting, in the end my opinion is: don’t focus it all on Google, make sure your traffic comes from many different sources. Submitinme decided to look at all the comments and put them in an infographic which you can find below.

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