Different A Story About Loving Your Neighbor

Different A Story About Loving Your Neighbor

Different a story about loving your neighbor is written by Chris Singlenton. He dedicated this book to his late mother.

Different a story about loving your neighbor is Chris’s first children’s book ever. He has dedicated this book to his late mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton who passed away June 17th, 2015 in a race related mass shooting. Five years getting on with the release of this new book, Chris is teaching children around the nation to love others no matter their race, skin color or religion.

This book illustrated by Wiliam Luong who is an amazing illustrator. Each illustrated image is so fine-looking, stunning and meaningful. I love his work and the way he works is so admiring and inspiring. This clearly shows there’s no limitation to think to design whatever come in artist’s mind. Artist is free to imagine, to think and to create.

Just have a look on these illustrations, you’ll see how brilliantly these images have been created. Each image is beautifully illustrated and elaborated with define details.

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