20+ Creative Logo Design Examples by Mustafa Ömerli

These creative logo design examples would let you know that logos can be created in an inventive way. You’ll be inspired by seeing these logos that have been created by an Istambul-based designer Mustafa with an awesome, brilliant and inventive way. He is well-known for his minimalistic designs. All designs are not just minimal but artistic too.  

“It’s all about function, aesthetics, and clever ideas,” said Mustafa in an interview. He says that when creating the logos, his mind is working impulsively so far his design process is carefully planned. “My approach to this typography logo project usually starts when I pick a word. I then try to truly understand its meaning, after that, I just come up with an idea to express this meaning.” he gave details about his creative process.

“We believe in simple ideas and create unified brand experiences. Our team do this by defining and realizing simple ideas.” Aim written on his site.

He knows how to design logo accordingly to make it unique and hidden but reveal in all the aspects. This time he shared some creative logo design examples of what good logo design should look like. I am sure you would like the way he works.


Weekly Web Design Inspiration #31