25+ Single page web design inspiration

Single page web design is a great way to allow users to navigate their way through the content fast and easily without the hassle of having to reload unnecessary content . Single-page design works if you don’t have much content, some designers use tabs, accordion scripts to give more information in a single page, Portfolio sites are perfect examples for single page sites, it allows visitors to see you content easily.

This is an awesome idea that young website designers are adopting today. These kinds of websites are easy to design and manage. Here I have collected single page website designs to inspire your imagination to create your own design.


R.Gen – Single Page Site Template 


Landing Pages for Mobiles Applications


X-Tech landing page template


Big Sky Single Page Website Design


Single-page WebSite


Web Agency portfolio


Retro Scroll


One Page Web design


Oi Media landing page


Landing page for healthy life product


beats and bars splash page


iPhone Game Landing Page


Print3 – landing page layout


GPS Garmin Landin Page


Super BeMan


Coming soon


Landing page _UI Trans


Creative Wall Inner Landing Page


Landing Page Iam-medvedev


Developer Center


Renault Estoril


Sony Personal 3D Viewer


Smezzy App Landing Pages


Landing pages – Nextel


BCR Landing Page


Guess – Landing Page


The Palace

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  1. As one page websites are becoming more popular, this post is very interesting going into the future. I really like ‘R.Gen – Single Page Site Template ‘ and how an accordion idea is being used to separate up different sections of the content. I also like ‘healthy life product’ and ‘Smezzy App’ although my only downfall is that these pages can get a bit too long which could result in viewers not scrolling all the way down and missing important information.

  2. Great collection and some good inspirations. Single page websites are an awesome idea. This kind of design demands that content and navigation stay on one page, so only important things are displayed. They are easily manageable and really cool. Thanks for sharing such a good post.

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