Top 17 Independent Infographic Designers 2013

List of Top Independent Infographic Designers are given in the below part of the article.

Tiffany Farrant is one of the most popular independent infographic designer who is based near Bristol near UK. At the 2nd position in the list of Trevor Johnston who has worked as graphic journalist for many years and now works as technical and infographic digital artist.

Stephen J. Beard is at the 3rd position in the list and he is an expert of newspaper information graphics. The 4th position is taken up by Lokesh Dhakar who is based in Baltimore and he has his specialisation in user interface design.

Paul Horn is at the 5th position in the list while Greg Dizzia is at the 6th position. The 7th position is taken up byDavid McCandless who is a London based writer, author and a designer who visualises the information in minimum words.

Carol Zuber-Mallison is at the 8th position in the list and she is person who is behind the ZM Graphics and mainly focus on corporate side of equation. At the 9th position is Kevin Vertommen from Belgium and at the 10th position is Jess Bachman.

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Besides these other independent infographic designers are Marc Kolle, Brian Cragin, EJ Fox, John Grimwade,Santosh Kushwaha, Mike Wirth and Joe Lertola.

Top 17 Independent Infographic Designers 2013

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