25 Amazing Examples Of Minimalism In Web Design

When it comes to web design we should remember the saying “Less is more”. Some describe minimalism as the current fashion while others say it provides aesthetic values to web design. Minimalist web designs are preferred more than the overcrowded web designs or feature rich web designs. It has many advantages. Minimalist web designs load faster as they are lighter than overcrowded websites, easy to surf because they do not feature lot of stuffs in the pages. This websites also uses less server resources which make them faster. This web designs reduces the chances of using third party content delivery system which in turn saves money.

Minimalist websites are most of the time used by web designers for their own portfolio. News related websites also uses minimalistic web designs as they have to feature many news and images so minimalism reduces its loading time. Here I have presented 25 amazing examples of minimalism in web design; I hope you like them, if you think I have missed your site inform us through comments.

A Way Back


Adam Elmakias

Weekly Logo Design Inspiration #17


Anna Ladoshkina


Check the Best Type of Beard for Your Face

Beckin Design


Best Awards

Quirky Drawing and Illustrations by T Wei


Chris Linden


Hand Lettered Coffee Cups by Rob Draper

Daniel Gray




Filip Slovacek





Frieze Magazine




Harlo Interactive


Les Évadés




Open 121


Percival Clothing


Piccsy Pitchdeck






The Morning News


Trent Walton






We Were Sofa


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