20 Best Photo Illustration Inspiration

Illustration is a visual representation that is used make some subject more pleasing or easier to understand; whereas Photo Illustration is a type of computer art that begins with a digitized photograph. Using special image enhancement software, the artist can then apply a variety of special effects to transform the photo into a work of art.

In this post we have put together some awesome and brilliant examples of photo illustration to inspire you. Enjoy …!

1. Motor Jeans Summer (3D)

2. ♥ Beibeees ♥

3. NewScientist

Halloween Costumes Ideas 2014 for Couples

4. Pantha Du Prince (4 SPREAD)

5. Frankmusik Complete Me

6. Mirrors & Masks

Turning Travelers into a Humorous Character by October Jones

7. Cry and Try

8. Bleak Ladscapes

9. I found FreeDom

Amazing Illustration Art by Johannes Voß

10. October


12. USB Milk

A Human Being Is a Human Dreaming

13. The music nature

14. La Gazzetta dello Sport

15. We all fall

16. Paper Worlds

17. 2011 UU THEORY

18. Cosentino – ECO


20. Raving Rabbids – Travel In Time