The Whole Truth about Being a Freelancer in Web Design – Infographic

Being a freelance web designer involves a whole lot of problem solving each and every single day. The creative outlet that people think you have is really quite limited. Sure, if you are designing stuff for yourself, you of course have 100% control. However, that is never the case when you are a freelance web designer. You will have to toss out your own ideas, destroy them even, and follow an abstract thought that your client has tried to share that makes little or no sense at all. This awesome infographic goes through the whole truth about being a freelancer web designer, and a lot of it is actually very true.

the_whole_truth_part1_01 the_whole_truth_part1_02 the_whole_truth_part1_03 the_whole_truth_part1_04 the_whole_truth_part1_05 the_whole_truth_part1_06 the_whole_truth_part2_01 the_whole_truth_part2_02 the_whole_truth_part2_03 the_whole_truth_part2_04 the_whole_truth_part2_05 the_whole_truth_part2_06via at source 


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    Very true! I think it ends in some sort of mental asylum…..or you decide to become a plumber instead……

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    This is sooo funny, but sooo true. I’ve had and have some really good clients and some I’ve had to dump as well, their just not worth the headache; I need my sanity.
    As a (semi) freelancer you have to really, really discipline yourself and don’t work in a vacum.

    Thank you for this!

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