15 Brochure Designs Inspiration

Brochure shape is an effective offline internet marketing tool that could provide a huge fillip to be able to a internet marketing venture in the event that it can be employed correctly. Because it represents the entire brand image of a business, make sure you create it feel as impressive as quite possible. It should really have a clean structure and must not consist of a spacious range of visual elements merely for sake of offering it a different feel. You must also consider high quality brochure printing to make sure that your prints will come out well.


The cause of designing a brochure typically is in order to establish a visual combination with all the visitors through the utilization of pictures, text plus symbols. Since it is actually a compilation of the number of different graphical ingredients, you ought to be a minimal vigilant whilst designing a business brochure or pro brochure. Check out at many of these 15 Great Samples of Brochure Design.


Super motor sports 2012

Super motor sports 2012 brochure is a promotional 8pp brochure featuring the new lamborghini held in Shanghai (China) and Florida (America). An introduction of the new car model DominatorX, with it car outlook as well as interior design and body kit.

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G-Energy brand brochure

One of the leaders of the Russian market for automotive and industrial oils. The company operates production facilities in Russia and Italy. The product line includes more than 250 kinds of oils under the brands “Gazprom Neft” (industrial and commercial oils), “G-Energy” (consumer oils, premium-class), and “SibiMotor” (consumer oils, economy-class).

Awesome Contours Logo Design

Typography Animals Logos by Dan Fleming

Avorio Media

Avorio Media is an internet marketing agency that specializes in new media. In 2010 was moved into Augmented Reality (AR) as primary revenue stream.
Avorio logo awarded by LogoLounge and included into 6th book.

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Festival Brochure & Billboard

Foliomania The designer portfolio brochure

Foliomania is a portfolio brochure designed for designers. I chose a series of vibrant colors as an approach which symbolise my style of design. A portfolio brochure that will attract the audience even without them flipping through it. I also use a few collage style guide in this brochure by arranging it with unique image placement that create a fresh look and feel.

Mareiner Holz

Mareiner Holz has developed a whole range of techniques for finishinguntreated wooden boards in an environmentally friendly way. In doing so theydiscovered that each wood has its own unique character and therefore requiresindividual techniques in order for its true character to really shine. So muchmore than just flooring. When “Mareiner Holzindustrie” became simply “Mareiner Holz” it marked not only the adoption of a clear positioning strategy but alsothe establishment of “Wood Treatment” as a new market category. In addition, anemotional world was created by this courageous brand personality, which isespecially evident in the aesthetics of the company’s products: 100% naturalbeauty. As the company’s brand mark, Bert the woodpecker is the whimsicalrepresentative of the agile outdoorsmen.

Digital Pro graphic design magazine

Digital Pro graphic design magazine v1.0, a Stylish and ultimate graphic design direction magazine!

Spielplan Oper Graz

Due to renovation Oper Graz had to leave parts of the opera building for the new season. Therefore moodley composed an opera world between packing cases, wool, electric cables and packaging material.

Commissioning — Identity

Product Showcase Brochure

Weil Werbung rockt 2012

Construction Company Brochure

Energo-Holding brochure


An independent mountain sports shop for people who seek all levels of personal adventure and exploration in the mountains, hills and countryside. I created logo, colour, typography, stationery, literature, entrance.


Brochure design for XPEGA “Overture” 3D Displays

Gazpromneft Lubricants brochures