Adventure Photography is All the Rage in This Modern Age


Photography is not just an art, it is also a business. Nowadays, there are many ways to offer photography services.

These are wedding photography, food photography, travel photography, and art photography. However, there are already a lot of people offering similar services. If you want to know which type of photography services has a big potential to bring more business, consider adventure photography.

The rise of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest influenced users to upload and share photos. One of the most shared photos across social media platforms is whatever shows adventure. People always want to document rare occasions. This is why many photographers take advantage of this opportunity to offer an adventure photography service.

Water Adventure


Water adventure is a growing market for adventure photography. One good example is underwater documentary. People are very interested to see aquatic life. Another example is water sports. Surfers would surely want to have a picture of their best position while surfing, especially during a competition. This is why surf photography is also on the rise.

Crime Scenes

For sure, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle of a crime scene, but you would be more curious to look at breath-taking photos caught during the crime scene. Therefore, photographers who are able to take such pictures must be given credit. Crime scenes are the hardest part of adventure photography, but it is one of the most important situations that needs to be documented.

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High-Altitude Adventure


There are many types of high-altitude adventures. Sky diving comes to mind for starters, and another is mountain climbing. However, the most popular today is zip line adventure. Many people use their smart phones to catch some selfie photos of their movement. In fact, others would prefer to hire adventure photographers to take pictures on them while moving from one end to another.

On the other hand, adventure photography at high altitude requires skills. For instance, you can’t take a good photo while climbing uphill if you are not good at climbing no matter how good you are at photography.

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Natural Disaster


Flood, landslide, and twister are just some of the many natural disasters that can be part of adventure photography. When a giant tsunami in Japan took place, many photos of the actual disaster were taken, thanks to adventure photographers. People around the world were able to witness the depth of the damage. This was the reason why international aid began to flow to Japan.

Of course, adventure photographers cannot anticipate when a disaster is coming. This is why anyone is involved in this type of photography unless the disaster takes place while an adventure photographer is present in the area.

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Wild Animals

It is great to see some close-up images of wild animals such as the lion, snakes, crocodiles, bears, and more. However, you have to realize that adventure photographers risk their lives just to capture such stunning photos. It is not easy to take pictures of wild animals. Keep in mind that they are not your pets which you can just put in one place for picture taking.


In this modern age, social media is very powerful. It dictates a certain trend that can influence the way photography is done. Since adventure photos are always the ones being shared online, adventure photography is now all the rage.


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