Boost Your Business with Custom Mugs

Boost Your Business with Custom Mugs

Who doesn’t like the idea of sipping their early morning coffee from a mug that says “Best Dad in the World” or “Wonder Mom”? That’s the idea behind customizing a mug…you’re enjoying your early morning tea or coffee from a mug that’s designed to make you feel special.  Most people need several mugs in their homes, and this one of those rare promotional items that recipients tend to keep!

So, how can personalized mugs help you grow your business? Imagine one of your best customers is drinking their favourite latte or cappuccino from a mug with a beautiful inscription on it, such as your company name “Niño Graphics” (it’s a fictional company, no need to Google it). That person is putting your brand out to the rest of the world. They’re advertising on your behalf without saying a word – the custom made coffee mug is doing all the talking for them!

If your branded mug is beautifully designed, there’s a good chance a friend, family member, or colleague will ask them about the mug. This will provide your client the opportunity to talk about your company, which could lead to referral and word-of-mouth business.

Personalized mugs have many advantages – these are just a few:

  1. They’re practical: Just about everyone can find a use for a high-quality attractive mug. Of course, they are made for sipping coffee and tea, but can also be used as pen holders or unique flower vases.
  • They’ll help you build a stronger brand: People love to get free gifts and souvenirs from their favourite brands, so you can build a group of loyal customers by giving them high-quality personalized mugs that match your brand identity!
  • They can improve customer retention rate: Showing your appreciation to your clients can increase the rate at which they return to patronize your business. More customers will remember your business if they have branded items lying around the house.
  • They’re inexpensive: Depending on the volume you order, promotional mugs generally cost only a few dollars each. Considering the potential reach of each mug, compared to other types of advertising, this can be a great bargain.

Of course, in order for your mugs to have the most impact, the design should be something that’s interesting and eye-catching. If you’re not sure what to put on your mug, the possibilities are endless! Some popular ideas include:

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1. Logo & Tagline: This is a simple yet effective way to design a mug that doubles as an advertisement. You can even consider adding your contact information on the mug, so your customer doesn’t have to look very far next time they need to find your phone number.

2. Funny or Inspirational Sayings: One of the best ways to create loyalty to your brand is to inspire your customers or make them laugh. Memes are very popular nowadays, so if you find a relevant one, see if you can obtain permission to use it!

3. A Colorful Graphic: A brightly-colored design can boost your clients’ moods each morning, especially when printed on a black mug for a striking contrast.

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4. A Lifestyle Photograph: If you utilize a lot of lifestyle imagery in your design, get more mileage out of those photos by printing them onto mugs as well.

Once you have a creative mug design, what’s the best way to distribute them for maximum effect? There are several options to choose from:

1. Gift With Purchase: Hand out a free mug with every purchase! This is a great way to incentivize sales and boost your order volume.

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2. Gift with Threshold: This is similar to a gift with purchase, but customers only get the mug if they spend at least a certain amount. This can help you offset the costs of the mugs, and you can increase your average order value.

3. Loyalty Gift: Surprise your best clients with a no-string-attached gift to thank them for their repeat business.

4. Sell Them as Merchandise: If you have a popular brand, your fans may be interested in buying these mugs to use at home or at work. These mugs can be a great ongoing revenue stream.

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A branded mug is one of our favorite promotional items. They tend to last longer and get more use than other types of promo items like pens or beach balls. It’s easy to order a custom mug that gets your brand noticed, and this is one of the best ways to advertise your business to a large audience with minimal effort.