6 iOS Apps You Just Need To Have In 2015

If you haven’t already noticed, there are hundreds of new apps popping up every week. According to CNBC, Apple’s App Store features more than one million apps. But not all are worth trying.

Over the past few years mobile apps have become a vital part of our lives. Here is a list of 6 iOS apps that you just can’t miss to save you time and resources and become more productive in 2015.


Tweetroot iOS apps

This iOS app helps you to create word clouds for visualizing the top recurring words used in Twitter. Using this, you can discover what reactions a hashtag generates or what a user is tweeting about.

Tweetroot pulls recent tweets to analyze words that are being frequently used and then creates a collage, highlighting those words. This is a great app to gain insights about your favorite Twitter users’ behavior, your own tweeting habits and most importantly, people’s response to hashtags.

Using this application you can analyze the following types of Twitter feeds:

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  • Recent tweets that used a certain #hashtag
  • 1,000 most recent tweets of a user
  • Tweets with mentions

You can choose from more than 20 fonts and over 70 color palettes, allowing you to customize your word collage. Tweetroot even allows you to save and share your collage to other apps as well as social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



This app is a traveler’s best friend. Stayful searches multiple databases to help you find the perfect boutique hotel in any city. Better yet, it actively negotiates with the hotel so that you can get the best price on your booking within the next 30 days.

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Stayful even shows the best hotels matching your preferences before negotiating a deal for you. The company has a growing list of great destinations in the U.S. including cities like Seattle, New York City, Washington D.C, Charleston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, and more.

Though it is something of a mystery how the app works, as long as Stayful helps users’ book hotels at cheaper rates everyone is happy. Even better, this app is free to download from App Store. The user-interface is also easy. Download Stayful and never again bother about the hassle of online booking.


BillGuard iOS apps

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BillGuard acts as your “personal finance security service”. This innovative iPhone app displays all your online credit card charges in real-time and flags merchants who charge customers frequently for products/services they’ve forgotten or have requested unknowingly.

The app will raise flags for any questionable or unauthorized charges and you need to confirm any such charges. Additionally, BillGuard offers a simple automated reporting system, which allows the app to contact the merchant on your behalf.

The navigation of BillGuard is sometimes awkward; however, the service that it provides is unmatched to any other personal finance app currently available on App Store.

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Cube Camera Pro iOS Apps


This one of the best real-time camera filters for your iOS device. There are 64 real-time filters in Cube Camera Pro to capture a special moment. This app has a filter for every occasion: selfie, travel, or party- you name it.

Cube Camera Pro also comes with a self-timer of 3, 5, and 15 seconds. Besides, there are various continuous-shooting mode and guideline display available. This app also offer photo editing tool using which you can crop, flip and rotate an image, adjust effect with 8 adjustment tools and use its 27 designed shapes.

Using Cube Camera Pro you can also save and share your photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or share via email or other apps. For Instagram users, this app offers additional editing mode.



Box is one of the most popular freemium apps for iOS platform. This cloud-based, file storage and syncing program is very helpful for collaborative business use. All you need to do is install Box on your office and home computers and add its app to your iPhone or iPad. And you are ready to access your files from practically anywhere.

As mentioned, Box follows a freemium business model. Free account holders have access to a generous 10GB of space. The best part of this app is that you can add comments to a file and read comments added by other people you’ve shared the file with. This elegant feature makes Box an ideal tool for collaboration.

The interface is however, old-school and Box is yet to come up with photo and video uploading features. But again, it offers a wide array of features including optional passcode lock, save files offline, seamless music player, and integrated with other apps and services.

Alarmr Pro


As the developer of this app says, “Waking up to a new day now gets easy with Alarmr Pro”!

This comprehensive alarm app comes with various exciting features including sleep timer, advanced alarm, weather, flashlight, world clock, news and tweets. Its graphical interface is easy to use and intuitive and themes are very vibrant.

Alarmr Pro features fully adjustable features, some of which include:

  • Unlimited alarms for weekly or daily uses.
  • Choose a custom background sound or your favorite song for each alarm.
  • This app can play sounds even when it is running in background.
  • Sleep timer feature allows you to set time to stop a track when you fall asleep. Better yet, the music will fade out gradually, which means there is no abrupt sound level changes.
  • You can read tweets and news feeds directly from this app and get weather information like wind details, local temperature and more for any selected location.
  • Tap the button to access its flashlight feature
  • To adjust the brightness simply double tap the screen and a slider will appear. This, however, won’t affect your phone’s brightness.

In addition to these aforementioned features, Alarmr Pro displays scheduled events from your native calendar and allows you to change the clock settings (24/12 hour clock or AM/PM) seamlessly. Even if the application is closed, you can receive alarms and the best part is, it doesn’t provide any annoying ads.


Some of these apps are free while others need you to become a premium member to use them. But they are worth every dollar you spend as these iOS apps will surely come in handy for your general day-to-day life, making your life more productive.