UX Trends that will Rule the Future

2018 is all about web design trends that impress the audience with their aesthetics and functionality. Wrapping up an ultimate User experience in their entirety, these trends have managed to grab the attention of the designer clan worldwide.

Just like every year, 2018 has its fair share of favorite UX Trends that guarantee immersive user experience for the audience when incorporated precisely. So, what are these UX design trends that must be followed by new and experienced designers, alike? Let’s find out.

“Less” is more

The cluttered design was thrown out of the space way back. This major UX design trend has managed to make its way from 2017 to 2018. We completely advocate its relevance, given the fact that the value takeaway here is more than ever. Popularly known as ‘Minimalism’, this UX trend is all about optimizing the white space to its optimum usage, the usage of co-existing color schemes, and obviously the ability to design more with less.

Gone are the days when putting up all information on a page was a service to the audience; now, it will only contribute to putting your website off their browsing list.

Weaving Interactive Elements

Who doesn’t love a little fun while casually browsing through a website or an app? Helpful in breaking the monotony, interactive elements offer a fresh start to the audience while they are scrolling through the usual content. These also become a point of re-engagement where your audience might be facing a detachment from the content.

Having these interactive elements in the form of animation, micro interactions etc. can help you increase the face-value of your content while you are planning to provide a shape to your online business idea in the form of a new website/app.

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Incorporate Storytelling in Your Content

Stories matter; for they carry a semantic and emotional value. And regardless of their age, everyone loves stories. So, if you want to enhance the User experience for your site’s audience, incorporating storytelling in the manner you present your content can be a huge step-up.

If you are looking to present a new idea, pitch your product/service, explain the benefits of your business deals, doing it in the form of a story with seemingly convincing characters (either animated or real, based on choice) can be a better choice. The audience is able to relate well with stories that have been properly told. In this case, just make sure that you lay emphasis on the idea behind your business story and not overboard it with a lot of emotional baggage.

Making Interaction Seamless with Chatbots

Integrating chat in your website’s architecture is a both-sided noble notion. It lets your audience seek answers to your business-related questions they might be looking for and it is a great conversion-booster. When online help is immediately available, the buyer journey of a prospective customer is shortened for good as all the hindrances are met with a satisfactory response from the Chatbot executives.

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After all, any audience would hate to wait up for a business response requested over an email or a contemporary business form.

Diverse and targeted content

Since we are talking about the User experience of the audience here, we also need to address the fact that the members within a set of an audience are diverse and varied based on their ethnicity, location, set of beliefs etc. One cannot deny the fact that these factors do matter when it comes to your online business and the conversions, thereof.

A wise choice would be to come up with a UX design that appeals to all of them and yet offends none. That definitely sounds easier than done, but the audience is the king and it needs to be pampered with the best-in-class User experience.

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Bolt Typography is still in

As we have talked about minimal design in the initial part of this blog post, we must make a mention of the kind of typography that best suits it – Bold.

Underestimating the impact of typography is a huge mistake since it is all about the style and appearance of your web design. These two elements together determine the success of your UX strategy and you cannot afford to lose on this front. Since the bold typography design complements the minimal design approach, make it your design mantra for the year 2018 to enhance the User experience for your online audience.

Vibrant Colors are a hit

Colorful and Trending; these are the key to a hit web design in the year 2018. Minimal design + Bold Typography + Fun colors (If your business has the leverage granted by your specific industry) is a great go-to combination for all web designers who are looking to please their audience, aesthetically.

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Incorporating these bring, vibrant, and fun colors can be quite challenging and before you make the move, you must carefully analyze your site’s color scheme, understand the color palette well and not tarnish the overall brand image.

Stock Photos, ugh!

Have you still been using Stock photos all this while? If yes, you are in for some bad news. Stock photos became a rage sometime back and have managed to kill the vibe around them for web designers and website/app owners who wanted to retain the quality of their content with the help of these high-resolution and purposeful images.

If you want to keep your site’s web design original and intact, go with custom images that are either originally photographed by your or a hired photographer, or digitally created keeping in mind the original idea behind their composition and creation.

Mobile Responsive Design Prevails

This is not going anywhere, anytime soon. The Mobile responsive design is great to look at, is accessible via all smart devices, and contributes to mobile traffic as well. It is favored by Search engine Algorithms in the form of spiked search engine rankings; all-in-all, a win-win situation.

We repeat, ‘A great web design is the one that is responsive and mobile-friendly’ because 80% of top Alexa websites were mobile adaptive, says a 2017 report. So, if you are looking to meet that mark, make sure that you review website builders before making a choice when you start building your new website/app. The right choice of the website builder will help you later customize the changes as per your will and might save you the hassle of redesigning your entire website/app.


A great web design that follows the tone of trends definitely complements all your efforts that you have been putting into creating a great content for your audience. As crucial as the content itself, this web design must cater to the latest developments in the web design arena so that your website gets to serve a fresh platter of aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust website updates for your online audience.