10 Types of Businesses That Need Digital Signage Now

Digital signage is any display that shows a design presentation.

Examples include digital restaurant menus, digital directories in universities and entertainment monitors in doctor offices.

Digital signage is one of the most in demand areas of design. Any business or organization that has a physical location has a potential need for digital signage.

If you’re looking to expand your design business consider digital signage.

Here are 10 types of businesses that need digital signage right now…

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1. Healthcare


Communication is a big part of digital signage. In healthcare, communication is necessary to make sure all processes are efficient and easy to understand for all visitors and employees. Digital signage can provide key information to these individuals so they know what is going on and where they need to go once they enter the facility.

Digital signage can also offer more of an experience in waiting rooms. We’ve all seen television monitors in waiting rooms. Digital signage can offer a more interactive experience complete with Web integration that provides everything from online video to live weather feeds. The experience can cut down on perceived waiting times resulting in happier employees.

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2. Business Offices

Business Offices

Digital displays in business offices can greet visitors with information. The display can direct the person where they need to go as soon as they enter the office.

Displays can be used to guide people through the building and they can be used to access any necessary information. For example, as a visitor waits for a meeting to begin they can access information about the company so they are better prepared.

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And once again, perceived waiting times are reduced as a result of the better experience for visitors.

3. Investment Companies

Investment Companies

Investment companies are in need of the up-to-date information possible. Digital displays are connected directly to the Internet. Feeds can easily be integrated so employees and visitors can see the latest stock feeds and prices as they happen.

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4. Non-Profit Organizations

Non Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations have many visitors. Sometimes when people visit they may have to wait in the lobby before a meeting. Digital displays can provide the latest news items regarding the industry. They can read more about the non-profit they are visiting. They can also read about upcoming fundraising events.

5. Event Centers

Event Centers

Event centers can be very large places. New visitors can easily get lost. Digital displays are great for giving direction to these folks. The displays can also be used as the event is taking place. Schedules and lists of events can be posted along with locations and detailed descriptions. Live social media updates can even be implemented for specific user feeds or hashtag feeds.

6. Sports Stadiums

Sports Stadiums

Sports stadiums can be confusing places as well. When you first enter the stadium you’re often looking for information. Digital displays can direct people to their seat or to any location they need to find.

Displays can stream scores, stats and news as patrons wait in line for a drink. It once again cuts down on perceived wait time.

Sports stadiums are also big on advertising. Digital displays allow for the ultimate flexibility when it comes to displaying a variety of advertisements.

7. Places of Worship

Places of Worship

Digital displays can be used for directory information at places of worship. Donors can be recognized on displays encouraging more involvement from others. A list of upcoming events can be displayed to encourage more participation and photo albums and video galleries can be displayed from past events.

8. Banks and Credit Unions

Banks and Credit Unions

As you wait in line at the bank it cuts down on the wait time when your mind is occupied. Digital displays can show basic information like news and weather updates.

Displays can also be used for advertising or upselling. It is easy to display an ad for a new interest rate on loans or another service being offered.

9. Education


University visitors often need information when they arrive at the building. Displays can be used as basic directories. They can also provide event information, announcements and news items.

Displays can even show the latest social media feeds for the university. It’s a great way to give visitors, students and faculty a better experience.

10. Restaurants


More restaurants are going to digital menus. They find it’s easy to make changes to prices and menu items. It’s also easier to create promotions and offer special items that aren’t normally on the menu. Photos of the entrees can also appear in high resolution making them even more appealing to potential customers.

As you can see there are many industries that need digital signage. The only issue for companies in these industries is they need great designers to create digital signage presentations.

That’s where you come in.

Grow your business by offering digital signage as a service. It’s an easy extension of your current service and there is a growing demand from clients in a variety of industries.