What Skill Set to Look When Hiring Shopify Developers

When you are in the process of building an eCommerce store, you’d be piled with so many ad-hoc tasks that you won’t even realize. In fact, it would be difficult to find time to capitalize your time and energy in your core business.

You’d be playing multiple roles from being a CEO to the manager to a content supervisor, advertiser and so on. And doing such role plays is both challenging and tiring.

The most common challenges you face while building an online store is you have to juggle among multiple tasks including adding new products, updating the stocks, managing the inventory and at the same time generating sales.

A simple and effective solution to this problem is to hire Shopify Developers and relieve yourself from both technical and non-technical issues encountered during the development process.

But, how would you find the right people – a trustworthy team to accomplish demands of the modern-day eCommerce portal using Shopify Platform?

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Here are some of the skills you can look for when hiring Shopify developers:

1) Experience

eCommerce is booming and so are the platforms required to build them. And why wouldn’t it? Shopping enthusiasts are finding this digitized way both trustworthy and easy without having to stand in long queues at the billing counters and trial rooms. And when you are planning to build an exclusive product customized for your target audience, you need to hire the right team. And for the right team, you need to ask the right questions, isn’t it?

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Experience is the first enigma you’d want to resolve in order to know that your Shopify Developers have endured enough in every facet of eCommerce Development. If your expert is into this field for many years, they will be able to help you customize the eCommerce portal as and when required. Apart from implementing required functionalities, a good Shopify Developer would be able to suggest great ideas to optimize your eCommerce portal for better performance and bag more sales.

2. Professionalism

Being professional and being an expert might sound the same but there is a thin line. Developing an eCommerce portal is not a piece of cake. It demands dedication, proactive approach and an analytical mind. Hiring someone who doesn’t believe in work ethic or someone who reverts back to your follow-ups after 15 hours or someone who doesn’t value your insights and feedback wouldn’t end up in a productive relationship.

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Because, when you are investing both time and money, you expect a commitment to finish the tasks delegated to them.

When you are looking out for hiring Shopify Experts, you’ll be presented with two choices. You can either hire freelancers from marketplaces like Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, etc. or you can hire Shopify Experts from an agency. I would recommend you to go with the second option. Reason being – a person who has worked in an agency knows about the work procedures, communication protocols and work disciplines.

These things play a vital role when you are looking for a long-term engagement. Hiring a Shopify Expert from an agency would mean you being relieved from micro-managing them and making them follow your company’s Standard Operating Procedures.

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3. Communication Skills

You might be wondering why this soft skill is so important amidst all the technical stuff! But believe me, when you decide to build an eCommerce store, it is going to last for a few months at least! Communication plays a vital role as transparency and understanding of the problem definition relies on it.

Building a Shopify store might sound easy but it is time-consuming. So make sure that you hire someone who understands your project brief and SRS document in order to build your dream online store. Apart from this, if your developer is a  fun-to-go person, it’ll be like a cherry on top as you’ll be working and interacting with him on a daily basis.

4. Technically Sound

During your search for a potential Shopify Developer, you’d be presented with their past works and the links to it. Evaluate their portfolio by making an extra effort i.e. opening the links attached to their past works. Check their designs, navigation styles, payment gateways and everything else that an online shopper would do while he is on your website. If there are any flaws or the design doesn’t convince you – you can be the fair judge and move on for other options.

You see, an eCommerce store using Shopify comprises many modules. It includes everything from store setup, development and testing, doing qualitative analysis, content curation for products to sales and marketing.

You can also schedule an offline or online interview with the Shopify Developers and ask questions. If the answers are convincing enough, you can always jump on to making the final decision.


Shopify was born into the head of a snowboarding web developer to build his own snowboarding online shop. And now this platform empowers approximately 1,000,000 merchants in about 200 nations around the globe. These numbers are fascinating because it is truly a powerful platform to unleash your online shop’s potential.

As such, there is no predefined set of rules that one must follow or a questionnaire to hire a Shopify Developers. It is subjective as every business is different and so is their end consumer.

As a business owner, it wouldn’t be unwise to hire a certified Shopify developer who has a clear understanding of this platform. The one who has built mobile-friendly apps, widgets, plug-ins, add-ons and implemented customized codes to build and manage your Shopify store easily.

All you need to ensure is that you build a product that adds value to your customers and leaves a user experience that they’ll never forget. You have to get everything in place to cater to a holistic shopping experience, something that will drive them to come back for more.