Lootback Pays You for Buying Stock Images

Designers are all-too-familiar with the ongoing search for images to use in their projects, and now that December is here, you need to find more of them – that mirror the holiday setting. So, there you go again scanning agency after agency, in an effort to find the best-looking images for the most convenient price. You could have it so much better: there is one service that helps you find anything a lot faster, and also gives you Cash Back every time you take a royalty-free image.

Lootback is the perfect “middle man” between you – the seeker – and the stock photo agencies that rule the industry. Its core concept is very simple: since many clients reach the merchants through this service, a certain commission is released for each and every purchase that those clients make. But Lootback takes that money and always shares it with you – hence, you get paid every single time you download a theme, video, illustration, or photo.


Lootback only partnered with the elite of today’s stock photo market, so I reckon that there isn’t even the slightest chance for you to not find the top-quality creative assets that you can’t do without. The distinguished agencies are as follows: iStock, Thinkstock, Shutterstock, Envato’s Videohive, Themeforest, and Graphicriver, and Deposit Photos.

Watch how simple it is to get paid for buying stock files as usual. First, type in the keyword and launch a search – say, for Christmas-related items. Narrow down the scope by un-clicking some of the boxes on the left, if necessary, and so choose the exact type of files that you’re seeking, as well as the agencies that you’d rather leave out.

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Take a good look at all the potential matches that were rounded up in one place for your convenience, and once you’ve decided on buying one, click on it. As you do so, you’ll be asked for your email address and a password, in order to create a Lootback account where your money will be sent. Afterwards, it’s the same old story: you reach the agency and buy the item with their prepaid credits. Right now, the transaction has registered in the Purchase History section on your dashboard.


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It won’t take longer than 12 hours since completion for the corresponding Cash Back Earnings to appear, as well. You get a part of the commission every time you buy, and everything just keeps on adding up in your account. Then, depending on the agencies’ schedule and how fast they get to deal with your records, it can be anywhere from 7 to 90 days until you may cash out your money with PayPal.


It’s as simple as that. There is no hidden catch when it comes to Lootback, try it and see what it feels like to get Cash Back time and time again.

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