How WordPress Pre-Built Websites Will Help You Design for Tech Clients


Tech companies make attractive clients for web designers.  And when such an opportunity arises for you, you need to be aware that this niche has its own design rules. Knowing what they are will make your work easier, and your design efforts pay off.

In the event you’re not fully up to speed on these rules, we’ve spelled out some key ones. We’re also sharing a selection of tech-oriented pre-built websites to illustrate what visitors and tech company clients are looking for. The design trends embedded in these pre-built websites influences the likeability of the end product.

Four Design Trends You Want to Follow to Achieve Maximum Success

A well informed user will almost immediately recognize whether or not these designed trends have been adhered to. They are neither magic nor complicated. They simply make good sense.

  • Flat Icons – Skip the urge to create fancy or entertaining icons. Flat or minimalist icons will serve you best. Think “All Apple”.


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When designing a tech-related website, fine touches make a difference.

Bold Colors – Bold colors have been around for a while, but they are by no means passé; and they are really hot for these types of websites. Fresh, clean, and dynamic design elements can make a statement. That applies to bold colors as well.

  • Data Driven Elements – It’s trendier to work on your own data visualization than to work with other software. Tech clients have a need to communicate various types of data on their websites, and be in a position to measure the effects of responsiveness, high contrast CTAs, flat design elements, and the like.
  • Typography – Poor choices of typography can lead to negative user experiences. Select font styles that not only support the brand, but also work on all screens. Not all do.

10 Cool Pre-Built WordPress Websites Destined to Tech Companies and Clients

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These 10 pre-built websites are part of Be Theme’s collection of over 220 that are destined for a wide range of website styles and niches. None require coding, any one of them can be installed with a single click, and every one of them can be customized to fit your client’s specific needs.

They are responsive and retina ready, and some, including these tech-related examples, include parallax effects and video backgrounds. Each has been created with current design trends in mind.


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Be HiFi


This pre-built website, destined for a modern tech related shop, is a prime example of the effectiveness of combining a stylish layout that focuses on big, beautiful images and a splendid color scheme, with a down-to-earth e-commerce approach that focuses on products’ features and benefits.

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Be App2


A simple, modern design, and clean layouts are the hallmarks of this one page pre-built website; with the focus is on an app’s benefits and features. BeApp2 is structured like a landing page, with sections for app updates, information, and a newsletter subscription.

Be SmartApp


A cool hero image, the choice of a solid, no-nonsense font, and plenty of white space, results in a pleasant, engaging experience. The UX is enhanced by the use of a subtle parallax effect. A video presentation accompanies sections devoted product and user community information.




The pre-built website, destined for a tech company, presents a corporate image with a twist. It’s friendly, relaxing, and with a touch of humor. Notice how the images nicely frame the message. The content is simply and clearly presented throughout, leading to a relaxing UX.

Be Watch


Although its destined to a smartwatch shop, this pre-built website would be a smart choice for any shop retailing in tech products. The design emphases the effectiveness of a combination of big, beautiful, high-quality images, and negative space. This is an excellent example of an effective e-commerce design.

Be Ebook


This one page website is destined to an e-book promotion. It demonstrates how a well-structured page featuring an attractive header and the product is a good way to engage users. An area dedicated to information on the book, including a table of contents, is another engaging feature.


Be Software


While the focus is on the product, and sections devoted to relevant information regarding the product, it’s the color scheme that really captures user attention, and is, at the same time, relaxing. This is a fitting design for a client dealing in software products.

Be Smarthome


This striking hero image shows, through a visual analysis, the simple ways in which technology can be applied to transform a home. A use of cool icons, subtle effects, and a smart use of graphical elements throughout, all combine to create this highly engaging pre-built website.

Be Notebook


This minimalist hero image could easy be described as being ultra-cool. It could be used for a wide variety of eye candy tech products. A short, flat icon area leads the user to the product’s features in this well-balanced, coherent, pre-built website.

Be Launch


Be Launch is a special purpose pre-built website that could be put to good use if a client is putting a marketing or brand awareness campaign in place. It can be customized to fulfill a variety of tasks, including counting down to a product release or a special promotion.


Be Theme/Be Theme WordPress Pre-Built Websites – Precisely What You Need to Build the Perfect Tech-related Website

These pre-built websites, plus more than 200 others that cover a wide range of website types and themes, were created while keeping current design trends in mind. With their one click installation, and easy customization without any necessity for coding, should quickly convince you that Be Theme  gives tremendous value for money.

The video demonstrates how, with Be’s powerful site-building tools at your fingertips, you can select a pre-built website, and transform it into a deliverable that will make any tech-oriented client jump for joy.

46,000 Be Theme users will be the first to tell you that this ThemeForest top 5 best seller is not only a wise choice, but a great investment.