Tired of Using tedious WordPress Themes? Customize Your Theme with These Simple Tools


Are you feeling tired of using boring and some monotonous WordPress themes on your website and blog? Are you looking for some refreshment and change in the WordPress themes as per your requirements? If yes, no need to look further as here I have explained how you can easily change and customize your WordPress themes to give those themes your desired features, look and feel.

However, it is not easy as it sounds, but if you have decided to customize your themes of WordPress, you can get huge help and get required themes. On the web, you can hordes of tools to get huge help while customizing WordPress themes. Using different tools, you can ease the entire process of customizing and get huge help.

If you have decided to customize your WordPress themes and looking around for some tools to use, here I have gathered WordPress Theme customizing tools that will save you from headache of searching them on the web. I Hope these tools will help you to customize your themes and ease the process.

Text Editors:

We all know that customizing your WordPress themes involve huge hectic at PHP files and CSS stylesheets. A great text editor can really make your work extremely better. You need to make sure that you don’t edit your code in Microsoft Word.

Instead of it, you can use text editors, which are designed for code. Text editors’ tools are known to colorize your code to make it both a lot easier and simpler to avoid any kind of mistakes. Being easy to use tools, text editors are widely used by people worldwide for customizing their WordPress themes. There are various popular text editors such as Notepad++, TextWrangler and Coda. These are three best text editors’ tools that allow you to edit text without any hassle.


It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to work with a handful of your own websites or you have lots of client sites to keep track of things. On the web, two best tools are obtainable that are excellent in terms of features and functionalities. TextEdit Mac & Windows tool and Evernote are two best tools that can be used.

When it comes to talk about TextEdit, it is easy to use tool that allows you to create .txt files with your notes. I recommend to use this tool to create any type of .txt files with your notes. You can also use it for transient things that you do not want to use more than one day.

Another one is Evernote that enables you to organize and manage your hundreds of notes without any hassle. You can easily organize your lots of notes into notebooks for different areas like study, office, personal and more.

Picture Management:

To manage the image of your WordPress theme, you can make use of various image editors or graphics tools that allow you to edit the image and look of your theme. There are lots of tools that are mentioned below:

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  • Gimp: Gimp is a free yet effective image retouching and editing tool that released under the LGPLv3 and later versions. Using this tool, you can easily edit and give a retouch to your any image by resizing, drawing, photo-montage, cropping and converting different image formats.Users can also use animation plugin of this tool that allows them to create GIF and MPEG animated images.
  • PhotoShop: Photoshop is also a useful graphics editing program that developed and published by Adobe Systems. Being a widely used tool, it offers lots of features and rich functionalities to its users and make their graphic editing work a lot easier. Stuffed with numerous plugins, it will surely take your all hassles of graphic editing, so make use of this tool and get lots of benefits.



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  • FireBug: When it comes to talk about another excellent tool of theme customizing, FireBug is the free yet effective FireFox addon FireBug. This is one such tool that makes you able to see what is going inside the scenes with a website. However, you can also right click on the website element and can see precisely how the browser is rendering it with this tool. Along with it, you can also use it to view that which CSS selector is really decisive the property you want to adjust.
  • DropBox: If you start customizing your WordPress theme project, you will surely get into situation where you need to share some files with others, who are bigger than you. We can say that Dropbox is an excellent way to do that as it can also sync folders around different devices and with other DropBox users.
  • ColorSnapper: Many times, you may need a instant way to see the actual color of something that is on your screen. You can get ColorSnapper and make that crazy simple to do on your Mac. You can easily use this tool and get vast help in getting actual color.


So, these are the best WordPress theme customizing tools that you can use and easily customize your themes with many new features.

Summary: If you are tired of using your old and crimpy WordPress themes, it’s time to customize your themes with some fresh features, look, feel and functionalities. So, what are you waiting for? Just begin with the customizing using these tools.