Create a Inspiration Of Website With Pinterest WordPress Themes

Since eight years, WordPress is continuing to be a fantabulous platform for bloggers. Millions of worldwide bloggers have their own WordPress site / blog without which they find hard to survive over web. So, how do you rate a WordPress blog as a visitor? Visitors generally fall for the design outlook of any website than for its content or other things. It is the design and layout that is being attracted first on any website. Gone are the days of hiring web designers and developers to build a website. Things are made ready-made these days, where you can simply install plugins and themes to create a website more appealingly. A wide variety of themes have come up so far for designing a WordPress site efficiently. Among them the most popular are the ones that come with a Pinterest Layout.

So, Pinterest! If you wish to go for an elegant WordPress site bumped up with photos, then a Pinterest alike theme would be the appropriate. Pinterest is widely acknowledged as a home for all images revolving around the web. The best thing about Pinterest to pull in several fans is the visually focused layout it comes up with. It enfolds a design appearance that overtakes the layouts of all other social networks. Any Pinterest user would conspicuously wish to build his/her WordPress site with an exact resemblance to that of Pinterest. Pinterest like WordPress themes are available in plenty, to help you build your site in a Pinterest layout. Listed below are few Pinterest WordPress themes that come up with some awesome features for fulfilling your site design.



With it versatile design and unique features Apptha’s WP Pinterest theme helps you to upload logo and images easily to your website. It comes with an excellent Pinterest design layout.

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Gridnik theme comes with resizing options to make large and narrow screens. It is AJAX powered and has an update notifier to keep you updated on the new updates.

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Shaken and Stirred themes comes with a built-in theme options panel that allows you to upload your own logo and customize the look. It is Smartphone and iPad optimized.

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Graphic theme comes with a classy design and supports XHTML and CSS. It is also SEO optimized.

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Autofocus is a stylish theme that comes with Dynamic Flickr integration feature, which lets you to transfer images direclty form your Flickr account.


This Pinterest like WordPress theme has a multi column layout feature that comes with the facility to add any number of images. Pinpress can be apt for photographers, designers and bloggers.



This is a simple WordPress theme that lets you to share your daily notes with your friends.

Hope you’d have gained enough info with it! There are also few other Pinterest alike WordPress themes which you can search over the web and get to know.


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