Wonderful Photo Illustrations by Romain Nicoloso

Designer Romain Nicoloso is well-known for his outstanding and wonderful photo illustrations. He’s adoring about illustration, drawing and creation.

These brilliant, beautiful and wonderful photo illustrations show designer’s dedication and passion toward his field. Romain is trained as an industrial designer. “Art and creation are two elements that have always been part of my life. By observing other works of Basquiat, Klimt or Frank Loyd White, my desire to create and draw truly came to life.” He says.

“Most of the time when I take a picture, the idea of ​​illustration comes instantly after. I also quickly walk through my old photographs to create new illustrations. I’ve always loved imagining the world differently. That’s why I wanted to share this vision through my illustrations.” He says.

“White outlines are a way to mark this difference between the real world and my imagination.”

His words can be seen in his work. Good job he’s doing. Indeed! “My illustrations are a reflection of my personality and my heart of child. This is what I want to share with my audience to give them the desire to create and make their daily life more colorful.” He explains.

“Art is more and more present in our lives, which makes it more colorful and therefore more enjoyable.” he said.

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