Wonderful Pen Stroke Drawings by Erick Centeno

Wonderful Pen Stroke Drawings by Italian Artist Erick Centeno

We’ll bring wonderful pen stroke drawings by Italian Artist Erick Centeno forward to you. These sketches are truly remarkable.

Art in any form is art that come into being for passion or for profession. But only desire and passion can make art to go too far. We’ve been used to share artwork of various artist and designers to raise their spirits so they can do their best. We’re delighted to live up to our aim by sharing their stuff with you to inspire you, let you know how they do their best to bring out quality work, how they go too far to fulfil their desire. So, this time we’re doing same by featuring inspiring artwork of Italian artist.

In this post, we’ll to bring out superb work of Italian based artist Erick Centeno Oblitas. He born in Peru but currently living in Genoa, Italy. He is a self-taught artist who has art inside him. He be obliged this passion to his father who is an artist too. He has a degree of Computer Technician and recently finishing studying business administration at the University of Genoa. His style goes forward in time as he started to make realistic drawings with pencils and at that moment he was attracted by the scribble technique.
Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-001 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-003 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-004 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-005 Wonderful Pen Stroke Drawings by Italian Artist Erick Centeno Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-008 Wonderful Pen Stroke Drawings by Italian Artist Erick CentenoWonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-010 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-012 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-013 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-014 Wonderful Pen Stroke Drawings by Italian Artist Erick Centeno Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-016 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-017 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-018 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-019 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-020Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-002 Wonderful-Pen-Stroke-Drawings-by-Italian-Artist-Erick-Centeno-006

Source: Erick Centeno