Wonderful Animal Sculptures Made of Scrap Metal

Wonderful Animal Sculptures

Here’s post on the topic of wonderful animal sculptures made of scrap metal. These sculptures has been made by Hasan who collected scrap metal and other materiel to organize.

Creative mind always stay busy to think and create something new. You can see a lot of design work, artwork and stroke of genius around the web that have been made with great effort and earned name. We really love to share work of miscellaneous artists and designers to increase their value and to let you know what’s new going on in any field. Below you’ll see wonderful animal sculptures that’s prepared with scrap metal. Steampunk Lion Drawing have also shared by us. Although that was just illustration yet it was creation of creative mind. But this post contain wonderful animal sculptures that have been made by Hasan Novrozi. You can check out other Sculptures as well that have been prepared with deep concern and mode of thinking. All sculptures are made of poles apart material such as Dynamic Fairy Wire Sculptures, Metal Animal Sculptures and so on. Each artist formed it according to his talent.

Hasan Novrozi is a brilliant and talented sculptor who created wonderful animal sculptures using scrap metal. He got training in Iran. He has created other creatures as well. These sculptures have been made with automotive components, metal tools and pieces of scrap metal. Really great work he has completed.

I am Hasan’s work will push you to like his work and admire him for doing such a wonderful job. Here are these;


Wonderful-Animal-Sculptures Wonderful-Animal-Sculptures Wonderful-Animal-Sculptures Wonderful Animal Sculptures Wonderful Animal Sculptures Wonderful-Animal-Sculptures Wonderful-Animal-Sculptures Wonderful-Animal-Sculptures Wonderful-Animal-Sculptures Wonderful Animal Sculptures

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