Help Your Clients Score Conversions in 2017 With These Web Tactics

Are you looking for ideas to really score in 2017? Want to make sure your website design not only looks good but performs — as in achieving conversions?

Look no further than this infographic produced by the team at The Deep End Web Consulting. Find inspiration with any one of these web design and UX tactics — and score big by combining one or more.

Here are the tips:

  1. Age-Responsive Design — Style your design to reach your target market (combine this with #7).
  2. Skeleton Screens — A clever way to make your site seem to load faster. Patience may be a virtue, but the illusion of speed helps keep web visitors on the page.
  3. Engagement Bots — Automate your Q&A to engage customers 24/7.
  4. Shopping Cart Marketing — Offering upsells is a sure-fire way to increase revenue.
  5. Animated CTA Buttons — Don’t go overboard, but subtle animation attracts attention. With animation, you can make the call-to-action button a little smaller but still ensure consumers will notice it.
  6. Cinemagraph Hero Images — A large image with a touch of video is just the thing to catch your visitor’s attention. Good for your Facebook ads, too.
  7. Persuasive Video — Nothing is more powerful than real people saying what they like about your product or service. Keep #1 in mind and use people with whom your target market can relate.
  8. Value Based Exit Overlay — Don’t let them wander off — catch their attention with a no-hassle offer.
  9. RIP Homepage — No, you’ll still have a homepage; but focus your marketing effort on landing pages with limited navigation and a clear path to conversion.
  10. Scrolling Trumps Navigation — It’s no longer necessary to put your essential elements “above the fold.” Particularly for the growing audience of mobile users, scrolling has become a natural way to view content. #10 Scrolling Trumps Navigation

Check out the infographic for more details!


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