Web Design And UX Trends 2016 to Boost Conversions [Infographic]

We are going to share Web Design And UX Trends 2016 which is an Infographic to boost conversion.

Web design is evolving. Every year that passes sees new trends born, and old ones that die off. Generally speaking, the ones that work stick around, and continue to become even more useful. The ones that don’t work out usually started as something that seemed cool at the time (hey, remember Flash?) but didn’t actually serve much of a purpose.

Every year we as web designers are bombarded with articles touting all the latest, greatest web design trends that we should be using. For better or worse, these lists typically operate on a very surface level. Don’t get me wrong, it is enormously satisfying and creatively inspiring to see all the visual trends that emerge, but myself and the team at The Deep End thought it would be cool to focus our attention on something else. Specifically, I want to highlight the trends that have serious potential for actually helping convert users into leads, and/or customers.

Some of the following trends have been extensively studied, and proven to increase conversion rates, while others are simply too new. In those cases, we can only speculate theoretically as to how effective they might be. But in either case, the potential is there.

So check out the ten Web Design and UX trends 2016 in the infographic below, and ask yourself which ones might make the most sense for your next web design project. When used in the right combination, and on the right website, you can count on seeing a conversion rate increase.

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Web Design And UX Trends 2016

web design and ux trends 2016
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