Various Illustrations 2

Various Illustrations

We will show Various Illustrations 2 of Raul Urias and Mostasho. This is a compilation of illustration projects developed in 2014 – 2015 for various clients around the world.

Illustration is modified form of Art. There are many artists who are doing their best in field of illustration and we used to share their work with you for your inspiration. Today we will show illustration work of duo artist Raul Rrias and Mostasho. Raul is from Mexico. He is a freelance illustrator. He has worked for different client such as Sprite, Snowboards, Nike, New Republic, Supra, Krewella and Endeavor. Mostasho is also from Mexico City and working as a freelance illustrator. He gives illustration workshops throughout the Mexican Republic. He won some awards like Zagal Creativo in 2012, Illustrators Deathmatch, Veets and Vaseline Festival in year of 2011.

Both Raul and Mostasho are very brilliant, dedicated and passionate toward their work. “Various Illustrations 2” is a compilation illustration projects which is developed in 2014-2015 for their various clients around the world. Illustration based work is simply awesome and best as they did their best to create exceptional piece of illustration. I am sure you will like “Various illustrations 2” of Twosome.


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Various Illustrations