This post will uncover the truth that how coca cola damage our internal organ. It’s scary to know but unluckily it’s true that we are drinking coca cola as a slow poison.

All of us like to drink fresh coke, some of us are badly addicted to this and keep drinking it every time. But you know well that access of anything is bad. Same case is here, drinking too much coke is harmful as it can damage your internal organ and health severely. Fabio Pantoja is also one of those who is addicted of Coca Cola. By profession he is a designer and from Nicaragua. He brilliantly re-design logo of Coca Cola with letters that give the picture of different organs and parts of body that can be effected and damaged after consuming too much soda or beverage. “More than a critic to Coca Cola, it’s a critic to myself, to see if I can finally stop drinking this poison once and for all”, says Fabio.

He brilliantly and beautifully illustrated that how bad it is to take too much soda. Here are images that will uncover the truth.

Uncover-the-Truth-Internal-Organ-Damage-by-Coca-Cola-001 Uncover-the-Truth-Internal-Organ-Damage-by-Coca-Cola-002 Uncover-the-Truth-Internal-Organ-Damage-by-Coca-Cola-003 Uncover the Truth Internal Organ Damage by Coca Cola Uncover the Truth Internal Organ Damage by Coca Cola Uncover the Truth Internal Organ Damage by Coca Cola

Source: Behance


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