Art Director Created Artistic Typographic Artwork Illustrations

In Type Hype project, senior art director wonderfully created these artistic typographic artwork illustrations.

Typographic artwork illustrations, the Type Hype project that has little type tryouts. Christoph made them over the period of three months.

Christoph Gey is an award winning, Freelance Senior Art Director, Illustrator and Skilled Huntsman. At present, he’s living in Cologne and Berlin, Germany. He engrossed on Branding, Digital Design and Illustration.

He did them for the duration of his lunch break at agencies. He has been used to do so when he couldn’t sleep or when he wanted to try new things and have some fun.

The artwork is done with paper and pencil. He wanted to keep a jagged and raw feeling and no doubt he successfully done it.

I am sure you guys will like he he loves to spend his time when has no work to do. It can also be done by anyone as well. It’s better to use mind instead of remain free. Isn’t it?

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Christoph Gey

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