True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business?

Color is the most important part of your brand image, as that is the literal picture people think of when they imagine your business. If your brand has colors that fit your business, the results can be quite powerful. Unlike other business decisions, choosing colors takes knowledge of psychology and art, plus the designer must also be very creative and unique if they wish to make an appealing and thought-provoking color scheme.

Choosing the colors for your business is difficult, as you need to take a long time to think about what would work. Once you pick your colors, it is difficult to change them, because then the majority of previous branding work would have gone to waste. Color schemes should match the aura and feel of your business. If you sell a light, calm product and want to be seen as easy-going, you should use a mix of two or three tinted colors. If you want to be seen as a very strong, powerful company, then multiple, heavily contrasting colors should be used. Unlike other parts of your brand, color scheme cannot be changed later on without drastic negative effects.

What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business?



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