Those of us who work in the agency world live and die by the client relationship. When it’s good, life is great. If it ever goes bad … oh boy.

One of the ways you can avoid these relationships turning sour is to avoid the five things you should never say to a client.

They are:

  1. Butchering the client’s company name
  2. Quote a price or turnaround range
  3. “I am sorry, but …”
  4. “What does your company do?”
  5. “We will put our A-team on your project.”

For more on why you shouldn’t say these things, check out the infographic:



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    Handy reminders apart from… “I am sorry, and here are (not ‘is’) the resolutions…”
    If copywriting is involved it’s important to get the grammar correct.

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    LOL great list! I will have to add this to our client service training.

    And it reminds me of this list I did… wonder if I should make it into an infographic!

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    As I have been trying to teach my 11 year old daughter: “WORDS are IMPORTANT”! What words you use when talking to your peer or client, and what that person may hear can be interpreted many different ways. Great List!

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