Sébastien DEL GROSSO is a French artist, photographer, Illustrator. Its pleasure of mine to share his Photography and sketch combination art named by “The Sketch of a Life”. Hope You all will like his Self Portrait Sketching. For more check this out what he’s say about his project.


“Since my childhood, drawing has always been a passion, but when I discovered photography, I thought that the combination of these two passions could afford to give free rein to my imagination.

In this series “The sketch of a life”, he says, “I wanted to illustrate the main stages of my life, like my sketches had given birth to reality”.

In the prelude to this new series, I propose a self-portrait”

The-Sketch-of-a-Life Self-Portrait-The-Sketch-of-a-Life Self-Portrait-The-Sketch-of-a-Life Self-Portrait Sketching The-Sketch-of-a-Life Self-Portrait Sketches Self-Portrait-The-Sketch-of-a-Life Self-Portrait Sketch The-Sketch-of-a-Life Self-Portrait-The-Sketch-of-a-Life


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