Here’s process samples of brilliant sports illustrations made by Chris B. Murray who is Philadelphia, USA based artist. He is an intelligent illustrator and designer as well.

These illustrations are for momentarily make known client. He took some years to develop a personal style, CBM’s vivid color use, striking subject matter and technique became apparent at a young age. Chris would spend his younger years drawing endlessly into the night. During this time he developed a deep fascination for graffiti art, hip-hop culture, comic book and children’s book art. He judiciously studied the bold color schemes from graffiti, the line work & dynamic compositions shown in comics and the dreamy imagery present in children’s books. He immersed plenty of visuals and information to improve a style he now calls his own from these studies. These are some process samples of brilliant sports illustration, he is keep going for more.

Chris B. Murray is a brilliant artist, illustrator and designer who was raised up in a small upstate NY town bordering the Canadian border. At present he resides in Philadelphia, PA with his girlfriend Emily and he spends his days creating drawing and planning cross country / Euro trips.

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